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beings who have been in heaven before and naturally make their way back again


27th september 2011

" anything worth having is worth waiting for "

this truism doesn't quite apply to the thing being referred to as heaven

every undulation a beings commitment to a realignment of ethical values has to be refreshed or relived anew

for all practical purposes a persons contact with the outlook being presented here can be considered as their initial contact

the thing all of us have to do is put in the time in terms of practising a lifestyle that we can all share

the obvious common ground is to be alive

first accepting the point that the sanctity of human life is the paramount consideration in day to day living and then to fill our lives with experiences that everyone of us find desirable

it's a lot easier than you might think

it starts with believing that it can be so and then by realizing that it can only be achieved by practising what we think

the writer wants to welcome again those who are practising with him the way of life that leads to heaven and, as surely as night follows day, what will become to them what it is to him...

pre heavenly orientation


6th august 2009

how can a person tell if they are in pre-heavenly orientation as opposed to its sister state of space dream evolution

if the writer’s experiences are anything to by then the symptoms are…

a sense that the heavenly state is both far removed from the here and yet only seems moments away

a compulsion to share the belief that there is an attainable future of simplistic grandeur

a feel for life that makes you feel unwell when murder happens

most situations have a feel of newness about them

consistent feel-good, colourful dreams

brief periods of feverish anticipation

improved physical condition…