(someone saying something will happen at a specific time; notably decades or centuries ahead)


in the normal course of events a child will go on to become a parent

(on average 2-3 children)

a child was murdered in the year 2000

between the year 2000 and the year 3000 between 80 and 120 people

who would and should have existed will not exist

further... all the ancestors of that child's particular genetic line will

not see the light of day again this undulation

let's say that this particular genetic line began 2000 years before the

child was killed

between the years 1 a.d. and 2000 a.d. years is 160 generations

the people lost between 1 a.d. to 2000 a.d. is between 240 and 360

so now the total number of lives lost is between 320 and 480

and it doesn't stop there

genetic theory is not yet fully formulated but let's say that a typical

genetic line today will persist for 1000 000 000 million years into the


the total number of people who have been robbed of their god-given

right to live is closer to 1 000 000 than it is to 1000

1 000 000 people who would have existed have had

their right to live extinguished

and that's not the end of it either

all acts that are happening here and now this undulation will happen

again many times over in coming undulations (again, this is another

aspect of the endless sequence of lifes progression into the future

which has yet to be formulated)

let's say there are 1000 undulations before there is a change in

the conjugate position in the circumstances which in turn changes

the number/s being discussed here

the number of live's lost from a single act of murder now vaults to

1000 000 000 !!!

this web site predicts that by the year 3000 murder will be

re-classified as mass murder

see also crime

to see who is doing all the killing see the three party interpretation

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