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27th february 2010

there is one crime, and only one crime, that has infinite ramifications for the victim

it is the same crime that has eternal consequences for the perpetrator

the crime is murder 


(generation 3000)

have had time to take in what is being written here

time to take it in, make it known to all and time to appreciate just how profound it is

just how all-important it is to each individual will depend on each persons orientation to life

it will be somewhere between embracing a new way of thinking about life and the accompanying change of lifestyle that such a train of thought demands or an instant dismissal or a complete failure to see it

it is going to be assumed that generation 3000 will be, predominantly, life oriented and that, unlike these times, the forming of laws will reflect that orientation

(the law is nothing other than the application of common sense)

the couple of centuries it will take to build the new habitation

(please don't exhibit the trait of this generation and think you know better than the lover and attempt to build them without his guidance)

are going to be crucial to our outlook as we begin the migration into the new habitation

as pointed out elsewhere beings with death outcome genetic configurations within their dna are destined to be with us for a lot longer than the time we are here on earth

while on earth and outside of the new unnatural-death-designed-out habitation the following is proposed...

a two tier police system

A police and B police

to be eligible for either police body a person will have to be living within ethical parameters

the a police will have the power to arrest but not have the remit to use force when making an arrest

the b police force will be the only people with the authority to use force to make an arrest

(see violence page 56/57)

one person from every ten families should be enough of a representation of the general population for police a and should be able to ensure that those in their "home group" will be aware of those who harbour death outcome assertions

you will be amazed at just how quickly this attack on murder will reduce all forms of crime

one person from every hundred families should be sufficient for the police b force

both bodies of the police to be rotated between each other and further the individuals of each policing body should be interchanged, again rotationally, for a different member of the community or "home group"

 once every year for the police and once every six months for the police force; so initially the society will be arranged into groups of one hundred homes or houses 

 direct and indirect ways that produce realities that contain death is the principal crime that these two bodies will be watching for and in that sense it is going to be extremely easy to police 

focusing our attention on the crime of murder will bring about a reduction in all crime

the police is a full time duty and the police b force should be a part time commitment

(half the hours of the working week)

regular meetings to exchange information between the two arms of the police and regular public meetings for both the "home groups" and community (one hundred homes) representatives

 where confidentiality is an issue private conversations, which may need to be recorded, for anyone who requests it

 the routine use of lie detectors, and other means, may be employed to ensure that conspiracies, corruption etc. do not occur within the law agencies themselves and for general policing 

this is the outline for becoming acquainted with love/life

it will only be resisted by those who want something other than a loving, caring society

this is the basis for bringing about the outlook and a lifestyle that is free from death outcome realities in general and stopping murder in particular in the quickest possible time here on earth

8th march 2010






































































it is thought that by the year 3000 a.d. it will have come to be understood that the exposure of murder, and violence in all its forms, to the general public through the media, films, books etc. will be seen as a cause of a certain percentage of the crimes being committed

these days, generation 3000, are dark days for lovers of life

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