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giving back in equal measure that which has been received








were this idea practiced in the world today we would be living in a utopia

as idyllic as it is it isn't good enough for heaven

there may be more than one reason why heaven stops becoming an expansive experience

it is possible that our motions gradually reduce from potentially infinite actions to the greatest amount of reciprocative love that those who are least practised in the art of love can give

as an example...

those who can put others before themselves for 1 ^ 102 years are limited to the actions of those who haven't yet attained the ability to put others before themselves for more than 1 ^101 years

as it is, given enough time, any finite numerical value will become repetitive and that's why practicing love needs to be the first and last act of every beings existence

( and it's the way to show the lover you take him seriously )

those practised in the ways of love know that there always has to be a greater amount of giving than there is of taking and it is a characteristic of the lover

generally speaking, mothers put more into bringing up their children than they get back and this is one of our saving graces

non reciprocation is a way of life that is confined to, and may define, earthly existence

currently reciprocation is the practice of getting people doing to do what you want them to do

love/life could be viewed in the same light

the difference is that love/life produces greater quantities of qualitative life, not unnatural death




























in short... the lover has brought into existence the best possible reality that reality can have and it's in our own interests to make it last longer and longer and...





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