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it was neils bohr who recognised that every act became a permanent part of reality and stated it thus...

" the act of observation cannot occur without the thing being observed being affected by the observation "

( the irriversible impression every act produces in the fabric of reality )

but few, if any, of his contemporaries latched on to its profound significance

consequently this most important insight into nature has lost its place in the annals of scientific discoveries

schrodingers cat by contrast has become part of the language

the difference between the two different realizations is that schrodingers cat demonstrates the unique course of events accompanying every act

but doesn't highlight a need for responsibility and indeed is a kinda' fun thing

whereas bohrs' discovery is a stone cold hard fact that thrusts responsibility directly at the person

which may well be the reason why it has been shunned

complete responsibilty for his actions is beyond contemporary mans abilities

try to get your head around the lover having to take total responsibilty for all peoples actions

( terrible love )