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  3rd february 2012

why should such a simple mechanism as putting others before self produce  such impenetrably mysterious, unpredictable and appealing experiences ?

it is because it is everything reality is not

 the eternal is simplistic

 love on the other hand is an abstraction by comparison

 supremely complex and sublimely subtle 

 crafted across undulations ( at least 1 ^30 ) and time scales yet to be comprehended ( 1 ^ 100 x 1 ^ 30 ) years

 mysterious because of the mixture of love and life-appreciation

unpredictable because of the unique characteristics of each individual

appealing because of the newness each change of thought, motion and emotion produces


 the foundations have been laid

 all we have to do is build upon them



27th october 2011

  zero, time and the straight line, are the beginningless an the endless bound up in a pocket of time that lasts, at most, for a planck time 

 we, being what we are, can't experience that instantaneous reality

our reality is, and always will be, separate from that three cornered foundation of reality

it may be that the desire to share heaven, which resulted in 1st generation, is to be considered as the coarsest act of the thing we call love 

 it may be...

 what is known for sure for now is that love is an endless mystery that is forever deepening and unravelling

 unpredictable, mesmerising, enticing, fascinating, entrancing, alluring...

 it is an absurd contradiction of the mechanism that gave rise to the instantaneous eternal scenario

 the heavenly state exists outside of terminal time

 our destiny is an increasing qualitative state in limitless time  


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