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those cells that relay information to and from the brain

remember that first kiss?

remember the feelings that accompanied it?

for a man there are two areas of the body that have pleasure receptor cells

the lips and the penis

for a woman there are three areas of the body that have pleasure receptor cells

the lips the clitoris and the nipples

between them they occupy about 1/10 000 of the surface area of the body

as evolution occurs the pleasure receptor cells grow in number and will eventually cover the entire body

eventually merely touching someone will produce pleasure

remember that most intense pleasurable feeling you've ever had and multiply it by 10 000 and that's the quantitative amount of pleasure the man shaped being is capable of experiencing














  then there is the qualitative

join the feelings of that first kiss to the feelings that went with the first ejaculation

then to those feelings add the feelings that go with a really satisfying meal

then add those feelings that go with feeling in tip top physical condition

then imagine those feelings being a permanent condition that only ever increase, never decrease

then imagine everybody around you feeling the same


in the brain there's something called the pituitary gland

when you're in a particular frame of mind and thinking in a certain way the pitiutary gland releases a chemical into the brain and it produces a feeling in the brain exactly the same as that as the feeling of ejaculation

the feeling doesn't last as long as an ejaculation does

it doesn't leave you feeling drained and it can occur seconds later and seconds later after that and seconds...

and that just one aspect of the brains ability to induce pleasure

but that's the brain

and that's another story

hard to imagine isn't... endlessly increasing levels of pleasure



























14th september 2009

pleasure as it is experienced through the nervous system has limitations

there is a limit to the physical size of the body and thus a limit to the number of pleasure receptor cells it can house

although that can be multiplied by the number of beings in heaven

( a shared nervous system, there's a thought, and perhaps the main reason why death-outcome genetic configurations can't be accommodated )

and there's probably a permutation in there somewhere

1 ^10 x 1 ^10 x 1 ^10 x 1 ^10 x... is yet another thing to contemplate, and its contemplative value will take on a greater reality if you apply it to yourself last

and an even greater value again if you are orienting

is yet more to think about