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a statement that can be proved by using geometry or algebra or calculus or a combination of all three and which cannot be refuted








eternal truth: example 1

to answer the question... "what is the length of the three sides of a triangle" ?

just say... " a + b + c "

by saying that you have used algebra and arithmetic and given the answer to a question about geometry

great isn't it

 by saying five words you have spoken an eternal truth 

to prove it... draw a line the length of the answer

divide the line into three equal pieces and the three pieces will make a triangle exactly the same size as the one you started with
















click the link and watch the video and see how simple it is to prove a theorem with a pencil and paper   












eternal truth: example 2

to answer the question... " what is the area of a triangle ? "

you say... " multiply one of the sides of the triangle by two and divide by 2.3093 "

to prove it...

let's say the three sides of the triangle add up to thirty centimetres

each line must then be ten centimetres

ten centimetres times ten centimetres equals one hundred centimetres

one hundred centimetres divided by 2.3093 equals 43.3 square centimetres, which is the answer