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geo comes from a greek word for the earth and metry comes from a greek word for measure


good teacher's know it is their ability to explain something in a way that the pupil can understand and not the way the teacher thinks it should be explained that determines whether the knowledge is understood or not


the straight line

the basic idea of geometry at this web is that all things came from the straight line and that the straight line is the absolute of being

the next idea is that there is only one straight line because there cannot be two absolutes at the same time

( it is thought the uncertainty principle is a reflection of reality not being able to host two absolutes at the same time )


a triangle

in the same way that the number one is the basis of the counting numbers, so too, it is suggested, should a triangle be considered as the number one of geometric progression or structure

it is known that the equilateral triangle is the basic shape upon which love/life begins its evolutionary progression into infinity


this is your introduction to seeing what shapes exist in our eternal and infinite flat space future

the basic understanding...

all shapes are made up of straight lines

however... a 1 centimetre circle made up of one million small lines will look round


if a being was only 1 trillionth of a centimetre in size a 1 centimetre circle made up of one million lines wouldn't look round


mathematical maxim... perception of shape is dependant on size


here is a piece of knowledge that puts you in touch with our eternal flat space reality

the following example is for a triangle in two dimensional flat space

this is a mathematically demonstrable statement and is called a theorem

providing that the characteristics of space are flat it will always be true

it is an eternality

your eternal evolutionary progress into infinity contains this characteristic and you are encouraged to explore the possibilities it presents and follow the avenues it opens up

and it has been given to you by the lover


the amount of space any being occupies is found by multiplying one of the edges of the triangle by itself and then divide the total by 2.3093...

10 centimetres times 10 centimetres equals 100 square centimetres

100 centimetres divided by 2.3093 equals 43.3 square centimetres

it can be simplified to...

edge x edge 2.3093


e 2 2.3093


there are an infinite variety of shapes a being can become and there are infinite dimensions in which to become them in

use axiom 3 to extend the variations of things that can happen in heaven

remove the black dots from the picture below and it is typical of the result of two or more being's combining

somehow gender, as a characteristic, has got to be obvious to the eye



the area that beings occupy increases with each new dimension that they progress into

as does the physical amount of space in every added dimension

the number of lines that make up her or his composition becomes greater as well

and the effect of gravity decreases by one quarter for every new dimension

this is what a stationary 4 dimensional cube looks like

this a 4 dimensional cube performing a double rotation about two orthogonal planes


use axiom 3 to extend the variations of things that can happen in heaven

our eternal future is in a flat space environment so this knowledge is an eternality

it will always be so

( it may be that it is that the characteristic of space can't be anything other than flat )

now you know something that is eternal

also know that this eternality will be lost to you forever if you commit murder



c is the hypotenuse
the length of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the lengths of the other two sides
example, if one of the other sides has a length of 3 meters (when squared, 9 m) and the other has a length of 4 m (when squared, 16 m), then their squares add up to 25 m. The length of the hypotenuse is the square root of this, or 5 m.

Triangle illustration.svg