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video on the left: a typical u.f.o. it doesn't match any type of craft mammal man has, either in shape or movement. video 2: st.petersburgh, russia, las month. there are dozens of this type of sighting each week. this one is not as spectacular as the others on this website. it is included to point out that there are dozens of this type of sighting each week. good, credible solid sighting. also, it can be appreciated that there is a world of difference between what is being shown on a ten centimetre screen wthin a computer screen and how impressive this would look to the naked eye. it may be your turn to see one and have your outlook about life changed within your lifetime. video in the centre: some of e.t.'s craft are really big. don't feel intimitated though. remember... THEY'RE FRIENDLY. video on the right: another business-like appearance by e.t. (i'm here. youv'e seen me. job done. see you later).


because wars and the rumours of wars, disaster and all manner of unnatural death are fed to us as the staple diet of food-for-thought through the oligarch-controlled mainstream media it's easy to see how an airy-fairy reality of caring, murder-free and loving "little green men" is a ridiculous idea

so when someone comes along and points out that it's the "little green men" (see d-man) who are the real reality and it's the purveyors of murder who are the ridiculous idea it isn't easy to accept

 every part of our lives are, currently, constrained by time and alas, time is just about to run out. in the same way that we only have a few seconds to breathe in after having breathed out... in the same way we only have a few days to eat a meal after having ate the last one... in the same way we only have a few weeks to have a drink after having had the last one, so too there is only two months before the next act of life either takes place or it doesn't

 if the 1st party is unable to start implementing what was asked for in page "two futures" by the 1st july 2013 then the next act of life will not take place and most will have missed out on the chance of more life for this undulation 

got something too hot to handle? send it anonymously to... toohottohandle@endic.at and make sure it gets a wider audience

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the phoenix lights section

one of the top ten most celebrated ufo sightings of all time

10 000 witness's, dozens of video recordings

considered by yours truly to be the most credible evidence of the existence ufo's that's available to the general public

film, photos, artists impressions, eye witness accounts, original cam footage, cgi film, tv news coverage, computer analysis

the evidence here should convince you that e.t.'s are a reality