11th january 2009

picture pages 1-5 are the writers " credentials " for generation 3000


picture page 1


" there's no one here "

the moment the realized

from the beginningless through the first dimension and into the second before he understood

try to imagine that...

alone in eternity


picture page 2


the ultimate hard man

unlike ourselves he can't be broken

don't misunderstand

he never takes anyone's life

he never even takes the life of a fly or a flea or a virus

this " hard " phase of his development was directed at infinity

as many zeros as can be imagined can be added to 3.000000000000000000000000000

before 3.14159263589793 etc. is arrived at

he is, after all, of the beginningless, which was a seamless whole

the beginningless is transcendental ( beyond the range of human experience ) in every respect

it was about here that the thought " no " occurred

this page is entitled pre-pi


picture page 3


one aspect of the suffering he was subject to in order to become " fine tuned " to the universe


picture page 4


the mechanism of our ( first generation ) creation

there is an air of anticipation in this picture that is electric

he is beside himself with anticipation for at least three different reasons


he's been on his own for eternity past and is about to have company


it will only gradually be realized by the company that they are going to be experiencing the unimaginably desirable and he will be experiencing his current feelings of anticipation through them over and over


the experiencing of the unimaginably desirable is going to be multiplied by as many times as there are different beings to experience it



picture page 5


our first picture of his smile ( permanent )

this is how he looks as mammal man and how he, and we,  will look in 5000 000 000 years

( take away the hair and it's dinosaur man )

as can be seen he looks more like a woman

( and better looking than most )

than a man

no breasts though; hence a man

( a natural equalization of the genders should begin )

you would think that someone who has been around forever would be showing some signs of fraying at the edges

he is in fact becoming younger as love/life moves into the endless

his facial characteristic will launch a trillion female fantasies and leave us men feeling apart

ladies; i bet you never thought you had a young ( mid 20's ) dreamily-delicious, devastatingly shy god

and ladies, when we're on the move and he kisses you it will take you a thousand years to acclimatize to the pleasure surge

men, don't go off on a tangent on this one

it will even itself out over the next 5000 000 000 years as surreal ( an unearthly dream-like quality  ) good looks gradually become the norm

matching the quality of his touch?

that will take the rest of eternity, at least


the permanent smile

he doesn't get angry, smoothes things over, then goes back to smiling again

( all the things that make us frown and scowl now will have long since past by the time he begins mingling with us )

his countenance only ever becomes evermore pleasure-filled

hard to imagine isn't it...

endlessly increasing levels of pleasure

feelings that are never less than they were the moment before

that smile is the minimum enjoyment for the experiences and efforts of eternity past, or the conjugate position that love/life always occupies at that point of time of each undulation

not even plain clothes can detract from natural class

just as well we've got a few milliards to get in shape


as also can be seen...

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