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excess and how it represents our rate of expansion

you-know-who has produced an ecosystem which enables us to expand at the same rate as the universe in Local space

e.g. eight-thousand people each need two kilos of flour a week for bread

eight-thousand times fifty is four-hundred thousand

four-hundred thousand kilos of flour is needed each year to feed eight-thousand people

if we can produce more than that it means we are expanding too slowly and if we produce an amount less than that it means we are expanding too quickly (conformity of acts to universal law can serve the will as its principle: kant)

multiply the above numbers by one-million for the current population

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 the reason there is a Different Rate of Expansion between local space and distant space - our Sun Starts Turning into a red giant at about the same time as we merge with the andromeda galaxy - Photos And a List of the Galaxies within our local space