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that life is a mathematical entity which can be adequately expressed and understood through the concept of one times one

(possibly a continuous function which cannot stop)

one plus one is seen as being the mechanism behind reality and may be the most sophisticated form of " thinking " zero is capable of

one times one is viewed as being co-eternal with the mechanism of one plus one and is linked as well to the manifestation of reality and the word that expresses this connection is times and multiplication

the concept of one finds representation in reality as that which exists between zeros as described in the summary

one plus one is not considered to have a link between each manifestation of one and acts accordingly with those descriptions science employs and stands diametrically opposed lo love/life's observable character and behaviour

one times one is therefore elevated to a special and unique place within the overall frame of our picture of existence and when evaluated should give us the foundations on which to build a theory of consciousness

as a result of interpreting life in this way it may be that we have at our disposal the conceptual means with which to arrange and project current and future trends of the multiplicative process as it applies to ourselves and if correct to life in its entirety

so let's explore...

one times one is subsequently seen as being the only description needed to explain the diversity of love/life's activities and consequently the drama of evolution can be regarded as nothing other than love/life attaining, through the enactment of the multiplicative process, a refined and stable version of the concept of one times one in actuality and that the definitive step of refining has occurred when a species realizes that a numerical facet has to be incorporated into its lifestyle because deviations from natural parameters become, in the course of time, either excesses or liabilities and that the numerical facet is that the numerical value of any one species should be equal to the number of cells in the brain of that species and that the determining of the number of cells in the brain is arrived at in conjunction with the population becoming stable, that is two children for each mother, and that when attained love/life will have completed a function of one times one as per axiom 2

savouring the delights and the full flavour of the ideas and suggestions that present themselves when thinking about the future in the light of quantum theory stems from the outlook that love/life knows precisely what it is doing and that mankind's development is no more difficult than perceiving atures route and in the absence of clear or irrefutable evidence we may assume an attitude of optimism when having to guess at facts

since it is easy to grasp the point that an unlimited future for ourselves means living within the realm of nature itself having squared we are looking for a rate of expansion that befits our expansive nature

we have an optimistic bent for something that sounds good

is there such a thing as a "good" rate of expansion?

now it so happens that the universe can only do one of four things


expand forever


expand for as long as can be imagined then the expansion stops and the universe neither expands or contracts but settles into a state known as inertia


expands for 1 ^55* years then expansion gradually slows and contraction begins and continues for 1 ^60 years or so then the universe collapses into a black hole and stays that way for about 1 ^200 years and then the big bang occurs again and it keeps doing that... big bang... expansion... contraction... black hole... forever

this scenario is also known as critical mass

* it is easier on the hand and on the eye to write 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 as 1 ^55


more than critical mass but less than twice the mass of critical mass

which means the universe could stop expanding and start contracting not sooner than 8-16 000 000 000 years and not later than 1 ^54.9 years from now

so even if the natural condition for the universe is the worst possible one from our point of view we have 8-16 000 000 000 years to try and survive

since we can construe that love/life is attempting to establish a pattern of growth for itself that will enable it to expand forever and if we (mankind) are amenable to such an idea too then incorporating our future within a structure (the universe) that may be doing just that makes simple, sound sense

"conformity of acts to universal law can serve the will as its principle" kant

hence an expansion rate of .0000000005 per year

on balance there is a 50/50 chance the universe will never contract and a one in four chance that it will expand forever

we choose to adopt an attitude of optimism and hold to the view that we are part of an event that began to expand forever 8-16 000 000 000 years ago

2.0000000005 children for each mother means for the population as a whole means there would be five children each year over and above two children for each mother each generation, which is the definition of stability

no bureaucracy could oversee such an undertaking

for one thing the world isn't that well organized

for another the birth of triplets to first-time mothers and twins to second-time mothers would always deny us a strict application of this idea

also any attempt to impose such a lifestyle will inevitably give rise to the argument that a couples love for one another would demand products from that love, which is correct

the way forward, it seems, means an agenda that introduces stability

how can we not fail to recognise that an unlimited future for ourselves with no unnatural mortalities outside of the uncertainty principle, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes etc. means an exponential value for the individual as opposed to the wildly varying mother/children ratio which exists at the moment which does nothing more than reduce the genetic-continuation theme to a game a chance

if present estimates of the number of cells in the brain are correct

(50 000 000 000)

we are due to complete numerical evolution by the year 2250 or thereabouts

this rate however is arrived at by projecting current rates of population increase which have in them unstable variations which will cause us to overrun the figure we are trying to attain

nature, if this perception of it is correct, expects us to do whatever it is we have to do attain stability in 250 years or 10 generations!

if the interpretation of life as presented here is right we need to prepare to accommodate for 250 000 000 people in the coming 250 years

it means there will be about eight times more of us than there are now

(6000 000 000)

in 1989 there was enough food produced to feed 20 000 000 000 persons which is roughly four times more people than there are now

in one sense the most difficult task we have is to be able to feed three times more people in two hundred and fifty years as we could five years ago

we are of course, with just a little push, destined to succeed

it was originally thought that the act of squaring, one times one, would be repeated for mankind once the once the current function

( mammalian evolution )

was completed

that is after our brain cells/individuals pinnacle had been arrived at the next act of squaring would then result in us having a numerical value equal to that of the brain cells squared which would give us a figure of 2500000000000000000000 human beings sometime in the calculable future and then this figure would be squared and so on indefinitely

in the new light of a structural arrangement within the anthropic principle the ring of truth has a clearer sound to it by considering instead that the next act of one times one that will take place will be the next class of being to evolve, due for completion in 30 000 000 years ( page 7 ), and the next act of one times one that mammal man will be involved in will be when all man shaped beings have evolved in 5 000 000 000 years

it does allow a calculation of what our numerical value will be

assuming an expansion rate the same as the universe for the next 5000 000 000 years it means there will be 100 000 000 000 times 100 000 000 000 = 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 + 5% =10500000000000000000000

that number cannot be squared more than once before the number of beings exceeds the number of particles in the universe

this would mean that we...


evolve into abstract form


learn to manipulate apeiron



it would be a great and sad mistake to regard the future with anything other than awe or the greatest enthusiasm

a quickening of the function of one times one appears to be taking place...

150 000 000 for dinosaurs, 65 000 000 for mammals (ourselves) and so on

this aspect of the evolutionary process almost certainly has a minimum time-gap between one class of being evolving and the next and a minimum of 2 000 000 years and a maximum of 10 000 000 years should be standard in a 100 000 000 years or so


in view of the ethical theme enshrouding quantum theory the balancing of the desire to become, on the one hand, a three or more children parent, against, on the other hand, becoming childless, will only occur when all man generated mortalities are quelled and as come to understand through genetic theory that not only is death not an absolute but, as hopelessly impossible as it will initially seem, the sole reason for the universe's existence and the ensuing evolutionary phases here on earth are to facilitate the emergence and continuation of beings who are, above all, desirous of an ethical stage on which to act

it is immensely illuminating to see how we learn at the same time that regardless of the magnitude of the crime against man the most severe penalty that love/life can impose is non existence with the advent of genetic theory which dispels, for all time, the belief that non existence and death are consequences of life

our response to one another grows in leaps and bounds from here on in

of vast significance are the implications that thrust themselves into our thinking when squaring the essence and genetic theory are combined

if the account of life as propounded here is true then the difference, in evolutionary terms, between now and the year 2250 is of no consequence

so far as the writer can ascertain the last act of refinement that occurred within mankind was with the extinction of neanderthal man

nature can accommodate for and anticipates there will be complete representation of all extent genetic material, through their descendants, for mankind's inaugauration into the evolutionary process as " one "

there is no reason, that nature sees fit, for further refinements

every person alive today is woven into the ultimate future

this is nature's decree

those amongst us who implement actions based on ideas or reasons they believe to be superior to nature's and which subsequently lead to an actual loss of our precious genetic material are making decisions that are, of themselves, contrary to the purpose of life

it is further seen that a reaffirmation of such reasoning, across successive generations will imbue a permenant genetic configuration within their offspring or associates which eventually results, in whatever form, as a failure to procreate

there already exists in nature checks and balances which prevent the genes of one species interacting with those of another

it would be a loss to us all and an unimaginable loss to the individual who failed to recognise the subtle sweep of the genetic systems compatibility/incompatibility factor

it is more than conceivable that those who engineer and implement thought processes' which cause conditions or circumstances which induce effects that are contrary to love/life's nature (multiplication) are thereby instilling a skeletal genetic arrangement within themselves and that such a form of reasoning, when vindicated across sucessive generations, will invoke a permanent genetic configuration which will eventually manifest itself if future generation's as a loss of the impulse to procreate or as a physical disability that has the same result

even so it is that the least amongst us, the most murderously minded, is an irreplaceable jewel in the mammal crown ( mankind )

if the interpretation of nature as presented here is correct then we have to convince ourselves that the only way that people can be expected to accept it is to create an environment where unnatural mortalities are exclusively due to the uncertainty principle

deaths or a reduction in longevity stemming from man's attitude and the attending actions will threaten stability, indeed as it is doing now, and opinion to this suggestion of natural behaviour will, necessarily, be superseded

this irresistible insistence on love and ethics is a clear indicator of the quality of life awaiting us

it means regarding everyone, from the most " primitive " papau new guinean to the most " sophisticated " manhattan chic, as being special in a very special way

far from seeking to typify man as having one particular characteristic or another nature wants as wide a diversity of human types as the evolutionary time-scale permits

we can further see that every persons future is locked, forever, into everybody else's

the children of our enemies today become in-laws and friends of the future

if we would war with a group or nation today knowing that in ten or ten thousand generations their daughters and sons become our daughters and sons husbands and wives

( the original rationale of genetic theory )

how do we justify homicidal attitudes bearing this in mind ?

the long term outlook obviates those reasons for war today

it would be nonsense to assume that the genetic system does not adorn any individual, when contextualized within the whole, with those attributes best suited for survival and therefore nature will, from generation to generation, put its best foot forward in the form of one particular combinative arrangement in favour of another

throughout evolution every individual, when seen within the whole, represents the best genetic combination their parents were able to provide and these are the foundations on which we will be building

were we to inhabit the galaxy and find there millions of planets with a flora and fauna that we could use and were we to deplete those planets and leave them barren and incapable of sustaining any further life it would be as a hiccough compared to the squandering of human genetic material, mainly those deaths and murders accompanying third world exploitation, that is going on in our midst at the moment

once procreation does not occur that particular unique genetic combination is no longer part of the blueprint of human evolution

gone for this undulation

ignorance permitted this crime/tragedy before

no any more

life is not a game the f******g about is over


we can see ourselves as the fruition of mammalian evolution

the second born of love/life's family

about to come of age and take responsibility for ourselves

we do this by acknowledging that there has to be a numerical value and that the numerical finicity of our existence can grow no quicker than the universe itself and feel that by doing so have tapped into natures route for remaining part of an event that began to expand forever 8-16 000 000 000 years ago

introducing an outline for the agenda in a new era of new world order

pages 9 and 10 were handed out in exeter high street in may, june and july 199