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video 1

at one minute fourteen seconds: the volunteer is first made susceptible to suggestion by the show's host when the show's host grips the back of the volunteer's neck

after three or four "pinches" to the neck the show's host only has to be touching the volunteer to get the reaction he wants

when the volunteer has finished doing the "trick" the show's host whispers something in the volunteer's ear

this may or may not be the show's host "releasing" the volunteer from the predisposition to suggestion

video 2

at two minutes forty seconds the show's host rests his hand on the volunteer's upper back area

the show's host doesn't say anything that can be recognised as a suggestion

it must be the case that interfering with the nervous system in a particular way is to predispose a person to suggestionc

this technique, and there are probably dozens of ways of doing it, is more sophisticated than the me method used in video 1

at four minutes thirty seconds the show's host places his hand on the upper back area of the second volunteer

at five minutes fifteen seconds the show's host places his hand on upper back/lower neck region as he asks the volunteer to hold the chair

causing both volunteers to jump out of their chair's at the same time coincides with the ball of paper being thrown

the command words are "watch the ball"

when the volunteers can't see the ball any more it causes them to react in the way they do

it doesn’t occur to an ordinary person that the suicide bombers of recent years are themselves ordinary people who have been mind-controlled into doing it

in this country about 17 years ago there was a t.v. show hosted by a magician called paul daniels

one of the things he done on the show was to get a volunteer to pick up a chair and not be able to let go of it


get the volunteer to think they had sat on a cactus when they sat down on a chair

the way he used to manipulate people was by placing his hand on the volunteers upper back/lower neck (a bit like spock used to do in the original star trek series 1 and 2) when he rendered people useless by his “spock grip”)

it is not known by this website what it is that causes a person to become predisposed to suggestion but at a guess it has to do with interferring with the flow of the messeges between the body and the brain (see the nervous system)

now, if i could get someone to believe that every time they sat down it felt like they were being stung and they sprang out of a chair every time they sat down it shouldn't be too much of a stretch of the imagination to accept that i could also predispose a person to the suggestion that "when you hear the words... "afghanistan bananastan" you will do what the person who says those words to you asks you to do"

so to make someone into a suicide bomber you predispose the person to the suggestion that a waistcoat, lined with explosives and which can be triggered by a remote-control detonator, on the back of a chair in the next room is something they want and they should put it on when they see it and take it home and show the family how good it looks

it's that insanely simple


strap some sticks of dynamite on a belt and say “this is a money belt. take it to the bank”


when you hear the words "afghanistan bananastan" ask the person who said it if you can borrow his coat, that is filled with explosives which can be triggered by a remotely controlled detonator, because you feel cold


when you hear the words "afghanistan bananastan" ask the person who said it if you can borrow his coat because you feel cold and ask the person whose coat you are about to borrow if they will help you put it on. the person whose coat you are about to borrow is also skilled in predisposing people to suggestion and he suggests that what you should do is learn how to make a bomb because there are people who are trying to kill you and you had better kill them brfore they kill you

your brother has also been made susceptible to the idea through this type of suggestion and both of you have had it suggested to you that you shouldn't talk to anyone other than your brother about it as they may be the one's who are trying to kill you

whenever you and your brother are alone you begin discussing the idea of how best to protect yourself against people who are going to try and kill you

over the course of the next year or two the phrase "afghanistan bananastan" is said to you quite a few times and each time it is said you are nudged a little closer to believing the people who are trying to kill you will soon be attempting to kill you

it’s that insanely simple

it has become a lot more refined over the years than the examples given here (there are drugs that can make an hour seem like a minute and a minute seem like an hour. these are things that relatively easy to find out about. it's the one's we don't know about and that are really potent, like killing yourself after  assassinating someone, when it comes to mind-control that needs to be thought about) but you've got the idea

when you know how to do it it's quite straight forward

it’s the oligarch's that are co-ordinating the world wide mayhem

it’s obvious from the continuing suicide bombings that are happening they're not going to repent

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