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bell's theorem is the theorem that proves that all of reality is connected faster than the speed of light


because it is such an important theorem, some say the most important theorem in science, it needs to be explained in as many different ways as possible to make it as accessible to as many people as possible

there are five ways that come to mind...

the first way is using every day language (below)

the second way is by way of an example

the third way is the experimental way

the fourth way is by logic

the fifth way is through mathematics (see mathematical proof)



a woman and a man begin a relationship

during their time together the woman picks up on some of the habits of the man

the man picks up on some of the habits of the woman

the relationship finishes and they go their separate ways

from then on regardless of how far apart they are both of them now do some of the things the other one does

an example could be be the woman used to wake up at 7 o'clock and the man used to wake up at 8 o'clock

their relationship was one of equal give and take and so they decided to wake up at 7:30

from then on, regardless of where they live, they both wake up at 7:30

one of the things they used to do in their relationship is now part of their behaviour and is connected, in terms of time, to the other

the really important point is... if either the woman or the man starts waking up at 7:45 in the morning so does the other

and that's how it is with physical matter

it was all connected at the moment of the big bang and the particles are still connected in terms of time


this analogy uses people to make the point

there is a difference between life and the inanimate (axiom 3)

consciousness has, as one of its characteristics, the abililty to initiate its own actions

the inanimate does not

how far the lover's terrible love encroaches into our actions is still not fully understood

the variables of the possible outcomes for the interaction of physical matter are, it is beginning to be thought, very tiny compared to the possibilities of actions life can initiate




imagine there are two dice, one at the west end of the universe and one at the east end of the universe


west                                                                   east



now imagine you are at the centre of the universe watching the telly

while watching the screen, for no particular reason, you turn your head and look east

when you look east you can see the side of a dice that shows the four dots

then you turn your head and look west and you see another dice and that too is showing the side that has four dots

and then you go back to watching the telly

while you're watching the telly someone moves the dice on the east side of the universe so that the side of the dice with five dots is now facing you 

west                                                                 east



then a little while later, again for no particular reason, you turn your head and look east and you see that the dice that was showing four dots is now showing the side that has five dots

then you turn your head and look west and you see that the other dice is now showing the side that has five dots as well

you're thinking about the dice and the numbers and the distance and the speed of light when you remember you were watching your favourite tv star and go back to watching the telly





see also aspects experiment

mirror                                                               two synchronized dice guns                                              mirror


300 000 kilometres or 1 light second



because there is a one chance in thirty five of of both of the dice showing the same number then the law of averages says...








mathematical proof 1