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terrible love is that love that the lover had to undertake so as to enable the function of 1 x 1 to take place for eternity





there are three aspects to his terrible love


attuning himself to the universe

every time an attempt is made to comprehend what the lover had to experience to acclimatize himself to the universe there is a consistent accompanying impression of immense time-scales and space

impossibly lengthy, interminable, empty, open-ended, enduring, infinite...

picture page 3 of picture pages 3000 by contrast shows him in abject suffering while picture page " happiness " is thought to be the end of his acclimatization to the elements

when that had been done there was the where and the when of the most suitable circumstances through which 2nd generation could emerge, and he didn't have any star maps or telescopes

the optimizing of circumstances came through experiencing the conditions and taking them into account

the type of galaxy, the position within the galaxy

( for instance the centre of the galaxy is much too violent ),

the type of sun, the make up of the solar system

( jupiter for instance swallows up many rogue asteroids that could threaten all lfe on earth ),

and it goes on and on


factoring in the conjugates of the where and the when to such things as hurricanes, earthquakes, the floods, lightening strikes, avalanches...

it would have only take one factor, say a volcanic eruption, at that place at a time of a critical point of the evolution of our ancestors and we would not be here now


factoring in the conjugate positioning of the deadly variables that could occur between people because of the mistake

you will think that what you are doing are things that you have decided to do, which they are

it should be realized though that whatever anyone does is but one course of action among trillions of possibilties when the permutaions are taken into account

all of the things a person or a group of people can do are combinations and permutations of everything that can happen which are themselves extensions of the basic template of what life can experience

by way of exemplification...

one person holds a death-outcome-assertion that reduces to the statement " breathe no more "

let's assume there are 1000 ways that a person can die from suffocation

another person has a a death-outcome-assertion that reduces to the statement " bleed til dead "

again let's assume there are 1000 ways a person can die from bleeding

then combine and permute the number of ways the two instances above

( a person can be dying from asphyxiation while bleeding to death )

can occur

then consider that the lover can't be killed and what that means when all breath or blood has gone from the body and what happens to him then and you're getting an insight of what his terrible love entailed

think of the number of ways a person can be killed, probably at least a million, combine and permute the numbers

one species of ant injects formic acid into the victim... being burnt to death while being eaten while being dismembered and incorporate a time factor to those circumstances and you will be getting an insight into his terrible love

further you can understand why this person has little or no time for people who would rather run the risk of committing murder via the car than having to suffer the appalling circumstance of having to inconvenience themselves

make no mistake contemporary mammal man, currently you are living off his terrible love

happily the same mechanism that produces death outcome realities also applies to more-life outcomes realities

the number of ways a person can experience pleasure and the various forms of happiness times the number of people times the amount of time they can be experienced for far, far, exceeds by a ratio of trillions to one, and increasing, the undesirable things that can be experienced

before we complete earthly evolution we will have practiced a most-life outcome lifestyle for at least three generations



there is no way of killing someone that you have heard of or read about or can think of and many, many more you canít

every form of experimentation and torture of a physical , biological and chemical nature over periods of time from the length of a nuclear flash to the time that a black hole exists for

( 1 ^100 years )

every form of debasement and degradation you can think of and many more you canít think of were perpetrated against him by beings who tried to end the life of a being whose life cannot be ended

but those experiences are, along with the beings who committed them, in the past

he never suffers at the hands of the man shaped being again

the life you are living is free of truly evil experiences because of his terrible love which was necessary to lay the foundation for beings who want to have an endless qualitative state

any evil you are experiencing is because of beings who took the decision not to practise ethics in undulations past and who are the tail end of how bad things have been orÖ

the lovers experiences at the hands of those who chose non existence was the second aspect of his terrible love

the second aspect of his terrible ensures that regardless of the intensity of the murderous activities that the man shaped being perpetrates love/life always completes earthly evolution

the first aspect of his terrible love ensures that regardless of the magnitude of natural disasters

( earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, lightening strikes, etc.)

mammal man alwayscompletes evolution

a child is running into a busy road and will get killed so you stop her or him (now the child goes on to become a parent)

in that act you have changed the course of that childís lineage into infinity

now try and extrapolate how that connects to his terrible love



17th june 2009

why is it that the lover's terrible love does not extend to all ?

 an explanation as to why the lover's terrible love ensures that evolution is completed every undulation,  not just by the mammal class of being (ourselves) but  also by every

 other subsequent class of being scheduled to follow over the next 5000 000 000 years, yet that same terrible love is unable to prevent children with a lineage

 that can extend into the future being killed by natural disasters, particularly earthquakes

the only way the writer can make any sort of sense of this appalling circumstance is to ask why the lives of some children and babies are ended by rogue viruses yet the same family can have other children of about the same age who escape the worst

(the black death is a perfect example)

the conclusion is painfully brutal...

  a person who wants to understand the mechanics of why, when circumstances are equal, one person survives and 

  another person does not will find the answers by thoroughly appraising the information at this website  

 the writer will not be drawn further on this 



















20th october 2011

don't make the mistake of thinking that because he is man shaped or because he can't take life or because he is the essence of shyness or because he is gorgeously good looking or because he is the definition of childishness that you're on top of things

he's the way he is because all the things that can detract from him being that way will have been removed from our reality well before he physically joins us in 5000 000 000 years

once his terrible love has been used up there is no leeway as to what courses of action are open to us

either person lives in accordance with reality or they devolve











the writers degradation-to-life postulate produced a reality of a great number of beings living in a nightmarish reality for an unknown number of millennia

each of those beings represent a life that could be lived and indeed are alive today and who are slowly, very slowly, orienting themselves

20th october 2011

and as if his terrible love wasn't bad enough even as this is being read he is paying the price for the mistake