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an accumulation of the experiences of various infinities



25th march 2010

there isn't much that is known about consciousness

we know where it is but not what it is

it is known that it is in the brain because consciousness exists even if a limb is lost

being able to think about what it is we are thinking is a usable working definition although it is of course going to be a lot more complicated than that



18th october 2009

an infinite and divisible whole made up of all the degrees or variations of thoughts, senses and feelings of being up to and including this moment



5th january 2009

one or two ideas are possible contenders for a theory of consciousness...

one thought that can be looked at is how can there be pictures of the lover in the first place

where is the light coming from in infinite space that allows an object to be seen

and on that point when and why did the need for eyes arise?

neils bohr recognized that all acts become permanently imprinted into the fabric of reality and that may be key in an understanding

the lover's actions and mere presence can be thought of as the negative prints being recordeinto the fabric of reality and where consciousness is both spectator and participant

as to how consciousness formed and why it became man shaped...

picture pages: the first reveals that there was a time when duality of physical attributes, arms, legs, eyes, ears and nostrils were not present so before consciousness had shape it was singular in form

approaching consciousness from the 1 x 1 point of view may yield results

1 + 1 x 1^ 


1 x 1 ^


1 + 1 ^


- 1 x 1 ^


- 1 + 1 ^

 20th january 2010 

an immaterial composite of the experiences of various infinite realities and that consciousness has a multiplicative and a divisible characteristic

the above definition is an attempt to introduce an unendingly increasing numerical structure into our eternal future without having to incorporate physical reality

(neutron, protons, photons, electrons etc. )

into our constitution

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