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16th january 2009


with so many shapes it could have been why did love/life become our shape, man shaped

the man shaped beings shape, it is suggested, is the way it is because it canít be any other way

this shape, it is proposed, is the only shape that reality can give rise to when sentience and motion combine

the parameters for movement had become part of its being before becoming man shaped

this is the pre dimensional part of the beginngless

( the longest single period of the beginningless was mechanicality )

the experiences of the function of 1 x 1 during this period are thought of as life, or sentience, attuning itself to reality

( where the absolute metes out suffering with an indifference that is absolute and a sentience that can only comply )

the parameters for movement were formed by these experiences and they are more thoroughly ingrained into its being than is the electric charge of an electron

to have an entity contain the potential for endless motion it has to be man shaped

all other shapes do not have that capacity

extra arms or legs would, as future lifestyles will reveal, only restrict the man shaped being from attaining continuing evolutionary forms

the man shaped being is an extension of form, reality and motion

the man shaped being is reality with sentience in motion at full strength

stick a few muscles on it and we have the current inverted perception of strength which is something that is used to subdue

violent and aggressive tendencies do come to be seen as the weaknesses of character that they are itís just that it takes so long

imagine telling roman legionnaireís that violence is a weakness

they would have been laughing their ducks off as they nailed you to a tree

incidentally thatís all thatís happened

( where it really matters most )

over the last two thousand years

itís gone from governance by overt murderous acts

( the roman's )

to governance by covert murderous acts

( the oligarchs)

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18th august 2009


with so many shapes it could have been why did life become our shape, man shaped ?

the writer is at a complete and utter loss to offer any explanation as to why a being who dwells in infinite space needs arms or legs or eyes or ears or a nose as is the case in picture page 1 of picture pages 3000 which, chronologically, is the first picture of him as a man shaped being

picture page 1 does suggest activity prior to the moment of him realizing he is alone

in picture pages: happiness during his attunement to the universe his man shaped form has been stripped away and it shows a duality in his form

when and if the writer gets a proper forum that allows maximum participation then we will, no doubt, uncover much that is presently shrouded in mystery

and there should also be no doubt that over and above feeding your healthy curiosity about the lover there is the feeding of children

if love/life gets its way man generated mortalities will have ceased within a generation


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