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 a collusion that results in a reduction of the quality or quantity of life* 

 in this case it's the denial of the existence of extraterrestrials

*(were our visitor's interacting with us meaningfully the quality our of lives would improve beyond all recognition within months and years)


 the reason why this conspiracy is happening in the first place, is the same reason why there is anything bad happening at all*... see the mistake 

* currently the people of the world are being pushed in three different directions at the same time


 first it needs to be understood...

 as it amongst ourselves here on earth so it is with with our extraterrestrial visitor's... there are good beings and there are bad beings

 ( this web site uses the words evolving and devolving )

 a good being is defined as a person who recognises the potential to be that is inherent in the man shaped being (the man shaped being is the only being alive that can complete evolution and no other shape of anything living comes anywhere near being able to perpetuate itself beyond the boundaries of the atmosphere) and goes out of her/his way to make sure they never take the life of a man shaped being

a bad being is defined as a person who is prepared to, and eventually does, take the life of a fellow being

 see ethical parameters 


 the conspiracy ...

 there is a conspiracy being hatched by the controlling clique to present our visitor's as killer's who are getting ready to invade us

 let's see if we can nip this conspiracy in the bud

 (sensible people who know what's going on


for the last 70 years the establishment has been vigorously denying that e.t'.s exist

 as the evidence is mounting up and the general public are becoming aware of the existence of e.t.'s, ordinary reasonable people want to know why the subject of u.f.o.'s and e.t.'s isn't getting any media coverage

(what's the point of a media network if it isn't reporting that interstellar traveller's are visiting us ?)

 it occurred to some bright spark that the incontrovertible evidence of u.f.o.'s being observed by the general public could be used to point to the existence of e.t.'s as fact, with the added twist that they are murderer's getting ready to invade us


don't make the mistake of thinking this idea is coming from a few crackpot's with a mental disorder

 if you have the time see what the mainstream media is putting out...

 this is the link to "ufo+alien invasion" on youtube 

after watching five or six of the clips it seemed a very real possibility


 why is the existence of extraterrestrial beings a top secret item ?

 basically it's threefold


 devolving mammal man shaped beings are using the gray's (who are themselves devolving dinosaur man shaped beings) technological knowledge for advances in military technology


 to give the gray's a chance of more life, albeit only by proxy... see the gray's agenda  


 in order for bad beings to have all the comforts of home " nuclear weapons, submarines, strategic bombers, inter-continental missiles, divisions of tanks, etc. etc. they have to justify the need for them to the general population (you and me)

 they do this by appearing to square off against each other, each one calling the other the aggressor and occassionally threatening to go to war although never actually going all the way

 the last time america fought russia was... when was it again?

 the situation doesn't change that much even when the gray's arrive in 1942 (see meet the bad guys)

what changes things radically is when e.t. proper turns up with a technology that is, literally, out of this world

 fortunately for those of us who don't get a kick out of inserting little bits of metal into other man shaped being through the barrel of a gun, not only is e.t. proper not homocidally inclined but has a fun-loving, people loving disposition 

 the last thing bad people want is someone in the neighbourhood with a technology that can nuetralize their weapons any time they choose  (see asteroid event)

 you see bad people have to have the means to wreak war, it fits in with their perception of life

 bad people without the means to kill people is like a duck out of water

 when the bad people realize that e.t. proper isn't going to attack them the decision is made to deny their existence and carry on as normal 

 however, what hasn't been realized is... (see asteroid event)


 there are those who thought that being able to take the live's of people without retribution is a god-like ability 

 now that the good beings are arriving with their vastly superior technology (the gray's by comparison are still playing with building blocks) it is starting to dawn on them that they've not only got it COMPLETELY wrong but there is also dire and dreadful consequences for acting in a way that results in the loss of the life of a prepubescent man shaped being i.e. when the act of murder has been committed 

so now the controlling clique is facing a double dilemma... firstly they have to acknowledge  they've gone as far down the road of devolution as reality can allow before they pass the point of no return and the only way to stop the rot is a radical change of their outlook and lifestye

 the main protagonists... the oligarch's, the military industrial complex and jewish financier's, are facing an extremely uncomfortable double dilemma... repent, experience the murders they instigated, and, in calculable undulations, come to know a lifestyle that doesn't contain unnatural death *

or, don't repent, enter the state of perdition where they wlll experience the murders they have committed, AND go on to experience death without end

 it is known to the writer that some will choose not to embrace repentance  

 coming to terms with the consequences of their actions is more than they can face up to and they intend to try and put it off for as long as possible

 everyone needs to assess where they stand and what they are going to do about it

 see ethical parameters and repentance 

there is a fairly simple way of determining if those people who are being murdered  are/were in the state of repentance or not



 both the gray's and viruses are not able to reproduce of themselves


 the alien at the end of the film "close encounters of the third kind" looks too much like a gray for it to be a coincidence

 the maker's of the film and the controlling clique have colluded to present the grays as benevolent beings

 the friendly evolving man shaped beings are going to be portrayed as killers who want to take over earth and the bad guys are going to be portrayed as the good guys


 america's $80 000 000 000 " star wars " programme in the 1980's was an attempt to destroy them in space ( the money was funnelled into n.a.s.a. by the c.i.a. who in turn got it from selling cocaine) 

(death begets death)


 for a good being  war and violence, in all its forms, is a devolutionary trait

 for a bad being war is progressive because it produces more efficient or effective ways of killing " the enemy "

( it hasn't yet been realized by these beings that the enemy is life itself )