dreams andream theor   

                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      

                            dreams andreams theory:  the beginning      

021102014                        externalized / two-themed / think-read (informative ?) dream             


first scene

lab set-up the size of a large classroom

between 6 to 9 people in three tiers standing in an off-set

line formation facing toward a pulse-gun which could detect

the heart and fire an unseen packet or bubble of


the gun was used for the treatment of the heart

second scene

i turned sideward to discover if the detector could still locate

the heart at that angle

it couldn't and hit the person behind me who needed

life-saving surgery

next dream

was think-reading    an article about the way the body

ejects viruses

it was a highbrow wiki-type article which needed a dictionary

to look up the definition for every other word

the mental effort in forming the sentences got too strenuous

and eventually woke me out of the sleep

the theme was on expelling viruses anally

the gist of the article was the inter-dependence of the

workings of the body and specifically the importance of the

role of the excreta in the isolating of the virus

the crux of the article was the chemical substances or the

substances in the cells which play the key role in

surrounding the virus and keeping it isolated


don't know if this dream has an application in the

real/conscious world or is just the result of thinking about the

workings of the body/heart during the day

wouldn't have made this entry in the dream diary if it hadn't

woke me

waking up in the middle of the night while the dream is still

in progress is taken as a "prompt" from you know who

this attention to the heart marks the end of an attempt to

incorporate dementia into the sphere of priorities for this


70 minutes 


types of brain waves   



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