dreams andream theor   

                                                d r e a m s   d i a r y      

26092014                                              two-themed dream /kissing dream s0000l dream           

first theme

first scene

was in a cafeteria that could accomodate 50 or 60 people and

was looking out onto a golf-course-sized lawn

there were men running around and i heard a voice say "now

she's gone into... ?"

second scene

marlene     came into the cafeteria

she had a sweaty face and torso

we saw each other and moved towards each other

third scene

we embraced and had one of those soft, supple lip kisses that

lasted for 5 or 6 seconds

fourth scene

when the hospital personell were a few feet away i whispered

"we'll be together soon"



this is the most obvious and easiest analysis/interpretation

have yet had to muse about

a child could put this one together (see    )

second theme

first scene


second scene



now this is more like it

this is how dreams should be

pleasurable, enjoyable, moreish, repeatedly desirable...

it is worth mentioning again that of the experiences awaiting

us in the heavenly state pleasure hardly figures at all

there are much, much more fantastic feelings than pleasure

when enacting straight lne action. see      and try and

get an insight

it must be the sexist in me

but i find myself intimidated when the female is showing

greater passion than me during s0x

both themes were with marlene    

it occurred while thinking about the situation with marlene

that in an ideal world the situation would be to have alternate

days with marlene and the days in between with a different


tragically the people who currently control our live are too

oriented to death to embrace life. see oligarch     

70 minutes


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