genetic theory is an arithmetic proof of life after death




12th october 2011

genetic theory is the theory that proves, using just one reasonable assumption, there is life after death

here's how...

we are all unique individuals with a unique genetic combination

the maximum number of different combinations there can be is 1 ^ 214

eventually all the combinations will have been used up and previous combinations will have to be used again *

did you spot the assumption ?

*this website asserts that every combination there can be has already been, is being, and will be used up throughout lov-lee and lov-len in this and future undulations


* there is a love that knows no bounds and to which man is party *



hopefully most visitors to this site will know by now that recurrence does occur

this theory is trying to unravel the way it works

theme 1

inter-undulationary squaring

theme 2

inter-undulationary analogous recurrence

theme 3

inter-undulationary, inter-conjugate analogous squaring

theme 4

undulationary inter-conjugative

theme 5

inter-undulationary reduction

theme 6

undulationary numerical reduction

theme 7

undulationary squaring




















the number of ways the nucleotides (video link) can be put together within the genetic system is 1^214


what's the maximum number of times you roll a dice to get one of the same numbers to come up again?

answer... seven


if you've got a dice that has a million sides what's the maximum number of times you can throw it before one of same numbers comes up again?

answer... one million and one

if you've got a dice that has a million million sides what's the maximum number of times you can throw it before one of same numbers comes up again?

answer... one million million and one

if we make the assumption that mankind persists indefinitely into the future, eventually previous combinations, i.e. you and i, not only can, not just might, but must re-occur

there is also the consideration of future combinations that have yet to occur for each individuals genetic line

the above line of reasoning is an arithmetic proof that death is not an absolute and it is the 2nd of two " proofs " of life after death

further, and most importantly, an appraisal of the fossil record tells us two things...


those animals with a physiology best equipped to kill

( pincers, fangs, stingers, claws, horns etc.)

existed further back in time the more proficient they were at being able to kill


taking into account the trillions of non man shaped beings that have existed, do exist, or will exist the 1^214 numerical value has probably been exhausted and further that... taking into account the trend of longevity the point of improving genetic configurations for devolving beings has, or very nearly has, been reached 

it is believed that it is now understood that love/life can only incude into the continually re-occurring theme of evolution,the majesticlove of genetic theory, ethically oriented and ethically orienting people and that ultimately this will be realized by everyone


































when the writer asked what he should do, in respect of interacting with this generation, the lover gave a blanket approach response which has become less and less impractical to apply

when the writer is back to full health

( can squat body weight, do behind neck pull ups and can sprint )

and truly radical changes have occurred it is hoped it can be applied

for second generation there is only one way love/life applies how it uses the genetic structure to bring about recurrence

either it hasn't been revealed to the writer yet or it hasn't occurred to him in a way that allows the words... how it happens is... to be written

until those words can be written the possibilities will be explored and perhaps it will come to be realized by exhausting the possibilities