the experiences as a virus


the first thing to understand about hell is that it is not painful

(the cells that transmit pain through the nervous system to the brain have become defunct long before this point of devolution )

however, the decision not to exist* compounds into extremely unpleasant forms

* (the decision not to exist comes about as the result of thoughts that lead to the outcome of non existence for others)

forms that are so bad the one and only desire a conscious entity has is to cease to exist

the process of the erasing of self has to include the dismantling of the conscious part of an individual

the conscious is where reality is kept in an orderly state

to undo the order on which consciousness is built means re-experiencing those states of mind in reverse order

to give you and idea...

the way to break the hardest of men without using pain is to deprive them of sleep for a couple of weeks

(this was how the russian's broke their hard-men generals who didn't want to tow the party line back in the 1950/60's)

after ten days to two weeks without sleep the mind starts to unravel

when you look what you see is an disordered mish-mash of shape and motion

pigs with human faces... worms with legs...

a few minutes of that will send a person insane

hard men don't mind losing their lives but can't cope with losing their mind


another example, less chaotic but equally unpleasant...

the merchant seaman told the story of the artic run (between russia and britain)

the sea was so rough it was causing a type of sea sickness so severe the crew had to tie up other members of the crew who were about to throw themselves over the side because a quick death was preferable to feeling the way they did.

the "second brain" houses those aspects of the life-functions which determine what substances can be incorporated into a beings physiology at all the various stages of evolution and must be considered to be, like the brain in the skull, an evolving thing which, also like the skull-brain, is capable of devolving.

the fact that we evolved in the sea suggests the adverse reactions to the sea's motions is because the substances in the food we eat in today's world are part and parcel of a completely different set of motions to the motions that accompanied those primordial beginnings.


the mechanics of what actually happens to the consciousness of a being below this point of devolution isn't known

what is known is that the lover somehow, someway has to interact with consciousness in this base state

the lover can't cease to exist and it may be the case that there is a conscious state even more frightening than the one being described here

it may be thought that it isn't that bad and may give those who know they're on their way out of existence some comfort

what needs to be understood is that it doesn't just happen once and that's the end of it

it happens every single undulation

(...from which there is no escape)

 the only glimmer of hope is if the numerical value (1 ^214) of the way the nucleotides can be arranged is also the limit for the number of beings that can be brought into existence

from a single or multicellular life form to non existence for as many times as there are going to be undulations

and it starts when you commit murder; sometime after you acquire the mind-set that justifies taking the life of a man shaped being



20th june 2009

all beings were and are brought into being with an ethical bias

that is, in a neutral state of being with the instinctive feeling that they endure forever and with the inherited trait of wanting to exist in a way that can be reciprocated

the lover never even had the thought of non existence

if it can't exist in reality he can't think it

he can't even conceive of anything that can't exist

perhaps the notion of non existence can only carry a diminishingly depleting changing state, but never arrive at non existence in the absolute sense

which in turn means that a devolving being can never completely vanish from existence

eternal damnation?

whatever the predisposing circumstances were and are the road to it hell begins with a single thought

it doesn't mean that if a person thinks i want to die one time that's the start of it

that would be as ridiculous as a person deciding to make the effort to get to heaven after killing someone before killing them

a person actually has to work quite hard to get the ball rolling down the devolutionary chute

it's holding onto the idea and toying with it and possibly becoming obsessed with the idea of not existing that predisposes an action that contains the outcome of death that brings about a persons demise

best play it safe and join with the writer. see ethically orienting