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 not being able to put self before others


 the compulsion to share heaven 

 see also ethics and types of love 


 27th october 2011

 it is a fact that  love is a mechanism and not an emotion

 that an action produces emotion will be a new thought to many, as indeed it was to the writer

 although, of course, this mechanism produces all those feelings that we associate with the word love 

 it is sacrificiality in its basic form 

 the degree of scarificiality, in terms of time, will produce an overall increase in the quantity of life

 a quantity that becomes, with the passage of time, a qualitative experience

 there is more than one reason for thinking why love is necessary for our future...

 sacrificially-creative love, through which we came and through which others come, is completely alien to the mechanism of reality

 it is such an oddity that it produces a continually changing state of mind which, because the lover has attuned himself, and us along with him, to the expansion of space, produces continually new and appealing feelings see the mystery of love


 love is the reciprocating mechanism that keeps us in perpetuity while traversing the straight line 

 the greater our collective love the longer and richer the experiencing of the heavenly state will be

 whether the lover knew this beforehand isn't known but it offers this thought...   

 it's conceivable that the force contained in the big bang does run down over the inexhaustible time values that eternity contains and that love's mechanism takes over when the energy contained in the big bang has run out 

love is a self-instilled trait that has to become a part of everyone's being and which accompanies all motions in heaven

love is the only heavenly trait that can be experienced here on earth and, it is thought, the only requirement needed to attain heaven

unless indicated otherwise this is the meaning of the word used here at endic


as an example...

a person is much better at the game of table tennis than the person she or he is playing

in the writers experience a person get more enjoyment from the game by using superior skills to bring out the best skills in the other person

it's surprising how quickly the game of the less skilled person begins to improve and in no time at all your partner is producing moves that make you stretch

it beats the pants off defeating the lesser skilled person quickly and decisively

winning easily doesn't give the superior player a feeling of satisfaction whereas equally matched skills can, theoretically, go on forever and since losing heavily doesn't make the defeated person feel happy why not produce a situation where the feel-good factor is doubled

this mundane example is, believe it or not, the very stuff of the heavenly experience

it's practising love that takes us to heaven and it's an act of love that brings us back to earth

being part of the forever reality may well start with the reader thinking of an original way

(in cooking, washing, dressing, playing, talking, writing, designing clothes, personal relationships, casual meetings...)

of practising applying love in their life today or simply applying it

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