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1st february


there are people on both sides of the israeli/gaza religious divide who have death outcome realities contained within their genetic structure

at the moment such people within gaza are appeasing their own death-outcome urges by using overt death outcome actions while world wide sympathies are with them knowing that such actions will not generate the same sense of outrage in the world community as israel's actions are doing

they're becoming as deceitful and manipulative in producing death outcome realities as the oppressor

4th february

to make sense of the gaza/israel violence the following has to be considered...

the people in gaza who breached the cease-fire are themselves following the 2nd party's global strategies

and do not lose sight of the fact that these strategies are coming out of russia who on the 1st or 2nd of february sent in the kremlin youth brigade to dish out a bit of violence against people who dared to complain about a dip in their quality of life

it doesn't look like the 2nd party intend taking up the offer made in genetic theory in endic on the 23rd february


now it starts to get complicated

( we're dealing with those practised in the ways of deceit it's got to be difficult to understand or you couldn't be fooled )

there is a connection between the bbc and sanhedrin but the 2nd party has got all tv and radio under its influence except the media controlled by rupert murdoch

israel isn't part of the 2nd party and they are being provoked into violence any time that sanhedrin feels that things are getting a bit too quiet



the 2nd party controls most of the media but not all britain's finances

the 2nd party control everything except frances finances

the jews control america's finances

but neither the 2nd party nor the jews control america's military

and neither of them control china's, japan's or germany's finances, military or media


and all of these issues are landing on america's doorstep


incidentally... that mistake on inauguration day at the swearing in ceremony wasn't a mistake


initially the media here in britain reported that it was barack obama who fouled things up

they had to change their tune when one or two people pointed out that it wasn't barack obama's fault but the chief  justice

(who may well have been "got at". in america they do anything for money)

who got it wrong


the 2nd party or the jews have started in on him straight away

i wouldn't fancy being in his shoes right now

he's in for a rough ride

5th february


the wrangling over the payment for america’s use of kyrgyzstan’s airport which america uses for operations in afghanistan looks like it’s an attempt to further deplete, the fast approaching critical stage of america’s “balance” sheet, america's economic base

a couple of billion here, a couple of billion there

be careful


in accordance with love/life the writer cannot condone the use of force except in the case of self defence

if a member of your family is being offered drugs then the correct course of action is to educate them to the dangers in the same way you educate your children about the dangers when crossing the road

shooting the car driver is multiplying the problem

but you want to do things your way


the fact that all news channels here in the u.k. always run the same stories when there’s so much going on in the world means there is a news conspiracy and the tie-in between the bbc and sky news channels is still not clear unless it’s our old enemy money, bribery and corruption


here in britain a parliamentary enquiry was quizzing members of the media

(as slick a bunch of colluding liars as the writer as seen outside of the house of parliament)

as to whether the media had any influence on the course of events of the financial crisis

(does a bear shit in the woods?)


the reason lots of people are still in the dark about what’s going on is because you didn’t refer them to the information here at this web site

you're lying by omission


an american congressional hearing into the financial problems got closer to the truth when it questioned members of the security and exchange commission as to why they didn’t take heed when they were warned that bernard maydoff was pulling a scam

they didn’t do anything because they wanted as much money as they could get for themselves

“…all of you who are or are desirous of living on more than the “world wage” or your “fair share” are aiding and abetting them…” pages 56 and 57


in the course of eternity everyone finds themselves closely associated with the writer at this point in time of earthly evolution

if, like those who were social acquaintances this undulation, you do not want the writer to disassociate from you, you will begin to orient ethically

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23:30 gmt 6th february

iran: is still no.1 on the israeli hit list


the reason why the jews feel their existence is being threatened is because it is being threatened


reality has pulled the plug on that mental disposition, embodied in the israeli culture, that has come into existence over many, many undulations, that a bit of reality

(a group)

is greater than the whole

it can’t be that way


amidst a flurry of assassinations of russian journalists it seems odd to the writer that the newspaper proprietor

(alexander lebedev)

wasn’t the target of the assassin

if the proprietor isn’t there neither is the newspaper nor the potential for opposition nor is there a platform from which a person can criticise from

not only wasn’t he targeted but he’s recently acquired a british newspaper

(the evening standard)


can his russian newspaper be a “flushing out” manoeuvre to bring real opposition out into the open?

and now we have to further theorize as to what is the actual reason or reasons for his latest acquisition


history must show all were given every chance to join with love/life and its eternal reality

the people

(the 2nd party)

that the writer is trying to encourage to join with love/life have to be given priority because they are on the very threshold of deciding their eternal destiny

the writer is addressing the people who will be making, over the next year or two, the same decisions that were taken at this point of time of earthly evolution last undulation and are the decisions that will be taken at this point of time of earthly evolution next undulation and in that sense the decisions have already been taken

as those of you who have to decide whether to be ethical or not approach that moment of decision approach it with infinite trepidation


7th february

jeremy, don’t you realize we can see that you’re doing what you’ve been told to do

that’s your eternal qualitative future you’re throwing away for a few bob


kyrgyzstan has denied the u.s. from using its airport for military operations

this may be for one or more of the following reasons


the amount of money being lost from the loss of revenue from the sale of the heroin, because the military presence is successfully interrupting the flow of the heroin, is greater than the rent money america is paying for the use of the airport


it might be that the 2nd party have decided to stop trafficking in heroin and beat america to ending a dependence on other peoples resources


it may mean that the traffickers on the ground getting the heroin out of afghanistan are losing more personnel than is acceptable

and are trying to make the military forces acting against them less effective


it may be that kyrgyzstan and or russia don’t want to aid an abet a military force that unintentional, but routinely, kills civilians


it may be that the changing reasons in the mind of men are actually the all pervasive conjugate of love/life repositioning itself into a least-death or most-life outcome


it may mean…

8th february

the nuclear sabres are being rattled again


that there was a non confrontational, undramatic, quietly pleasant transition form the past to the future has completely eluded everyone

(as it did last undulation and is it will do next)


all the ingredients were there

you didn’t do a bleeding thing that was asked of you

well that works both ways

so don’t ask



( a french colony)

is in upheaval

it got a four second plug in the middle of the night here on british tv


those of you who are just starting to wake up to the deceit embedded in the politics of national interests and how populations are manipulated, chiefly through the tv, will be realizing that there is a world of difference between the carefully crafted five word sound bytes sentences and the things that are happening to people who aren’t rich enough to count or don’t have any useful killing skills


they’re all at it

9 th february

sri lanka… the place where suicide bombings first began in earnest a generation ago


it doesn’t occur to an ordinary person that the suicide bombers of recent years are themselves ordinary people who have been brainwashed into doing it


in this country about 15 years ago there was a tv show hosted by a magician called paul daniels


one of the things he done on the show was to get a volunteer to pick up a chair and not be able to let go of it


think they had sat on a cactus when they sat down on a chair


it was done was by the shows host who placed his hand on the volunteers upper back/lower neck

(a bit like spock used to do in the original star trek series when he rendered people useless by his “spock grip”)

which predisposed them to suggestion...

10th february

the financial crises…


now it’s coming out here in britain


not one of those questioned had a degree in banking

now imagine what would happen if you applied that to the universities

as one flabbergasted passer-by spurted out “the lunatics are running the asylum"


it's easy to see how they've been manipulated

(the lure of being a multi millionaire)


then all that was needed was the same thing in america 

(security and exchange commission)

and then you can dump a hundred billion dollars of bad debt into the world's banking system



the current financial crises, and every other crisis, is within the bounds of love/life to experience and still produce the outcome of the heavenly state


over and above the current financial crisis is an aspect of the conjugate positions between love/life and life/death

the all pervasive conjugate of love/life is re-positioning itself into a new

(bearing in mind that we're always going forward in time)

least-death-most-life outcome reality

11th february

continuing on the theme of the continually changing conjugate position of love/life


the second aspect of his terrible love ensures that regardless of the intensity of the murderous activities that men engage in love/life always completes evolution

the first aspect of his terrible love ensures that regardless of the magnitude of natural disasters

(earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, lightening strikes, etc.)

mammal man always completes evolution


a child is running into a busy road and will get killed so you stop her or him

in that act you have changed the course of that child’s lineage into infinity

now try and extrapolate how that connects to his terrible love


in the u.k...


ecstasy is being made into an acceptable drug

it has been downgraded from a class a to a class b dangerous drug

the tv news item that gave out the news also stated that ecstasy was no more dangerous than riding a horse

this made sure that those who watched it got the impression that it isn't a really bad drug

the 2nd party need more money and a small pill with a 99% mark-up fits the bill nicely

most of you just can't grasp the extent of the 2nd party control and how completely indifferent they are to your well being

12th february



the most important person in the world


it’s possible to allow yourself to think that with so many people in the world if one dies it wont make that much of a difference

this outlook takes root in a mind when the mind it takes root in has a limited frame of reference


the loss of the life of a child that would otherwise have gone on to become a parent means the loss of thousands of people who would have otherwise existed

from amongst those thousands of people who would have existed is the one who through, and through no other, your descendants would have found genetic procreative compatibility


the highest infant mortality rate in the world is in angola

our priority is to reduce the angolan mortality rate to below that of the second highest mortality rate in the world then…


we’re on the verge of expanding our outlook into infinity

to ensure that you’re part of that future

start putting others before yourself

13th february

baghdad… 35 killed by woman “suicide” bomber


sri lanka was the place where suicide bombings first began in earnest a generation ago


it doesn’t occur to an ordinary person that the suicide bombers of recent years are themselves ordinary people who have been brainwashed into doing it


in this country about 15 years ago there was a tv show hosted by a magician called paul daniels

one of the things he done on the show was to get a volunteer to pick up a chair and not be able to let go of it


think they had sat on a cactus when they sat down on a chair


the shows host got people to think what he said was true by placing his hand on the volunteers upper back/lower neck

(a bit like spock used to do in the original star trek series when he rendered people useless by his “spock grip“)

which predisposed them to suggestion


for suicide bombings

first you need those who enjoy seeing people suffer

(no shortage there)

strap a bomb to someone, preferably a woman, and say “this is a money belt so look after it”

then tell the person to go and stand by the bus stop for 10 minutes


it’s that insanely simple


it’s the 2nd party that’s coordinating the world wide mayhem

it’s obvious there aren’t going to repent

(but it doesn’t look like anyone is)


the stance the writer is going to take is to let generation 3000 know that if it allows itself to believe it knows better than god there are going to be consequences


both of these forms of insanity are going to stop

14th february

“our man” in zimbabwe

(roy bennett)

has been caught with his fingers in the conspiracy pie and was arrested for treason yesterday

the british oligarchs need to get zimbabwe back for three reasons

1 the money

2 its strategic value in the area

3 other british colonies might start getting ideas


when you're used to having a lot of money and it starts to dry up you'll be surprised how easy it is to go along with murder as long as the finger of guilt doesn't point your way


take note those of you who do not repent

devolution starts when you recognise your way of life contains death outcome realities and you decide not to do anything about it


19th february


the information the writer has

(links:...heroin and opium production)

suggest that the 2nd party is getting ready to use the tactic of flooding of the thousands of tons of stockpiled heroin, opium and marijuana into europe and america

lower the price, make it simple to acquire for a few years, then make it scarce or expensive

which will really make crime rise

or get enough people addicted and get them to do what you tell them to do to get their next fix

or drug addiction makes it easier to apply group control/suggestions



it’s unlikely that the jews, who own the federal reserve, would be party to a strategy that depleted their finances to such an extent

which in turn means they’re not part of the 2nd party and makes an understanding of what’s going on a little easier to analyze

there’s a possible strategy israel… use some of your money to buy you’re way into palestinian hearts

the 2nd party operatives within hamas and elsewhere in the region will be easier to isolate thereafter


the “trial” of muslims who were plotting to cause the most destructive in-the-air carnage in peacetime the world has ever known …

the jury is going to be changed and the trial was stopped for a legal reason

(what reasons)

you’ll notice that the important information gets sidestepped in the presentation of the news

the chances are that the “legal reason” is an unacceptably poor evidence for the prosecution case and the jury has been exposed to the weakness of the case and wouldn’t be able to find them guilty

so now the british oligarchs have got reconstitute the details and their approach to the trial for the new jury

what’s actually happening is that a media driven high profile case that can use the words … moslem, bomb, plot, suicide and airplane, in the charges makes it easier for the broadest possible acceptance of the case and further the strategy of the 2nd party of dividing the muslim/non muslim world

it’s the old divide and rule tactic of the british

like suicide bombers, you’re being conditioned, in a less direct way, into thinking and reacting to specific word stimuli


you know from the guildford four and the birmingham six that the british legal system is corrupt


frame innocent people so the news can say the british police are on top of things

it’s essential you have the illusion that the government is in control of events and it’s your interests the government has at heart

you know in the same way you get really upset when you see children dying in africa


the real problem is that too many of you don’t care about anything except yourselves and the here and now


basically the british, like the americans, are a nation of psychopaths

(people indifferent to the feelings of others)

and that may well be the basis of their “special relationship”


you see how complicated things are...


the elaborate deceit of the 2nd party

the self serving attitude of the jews

the “our country first” and the me and mine attitude

the superiority complexes of religions, ethnicities, class, nationalities and financial structures…


the simple fact of the matter is contemporary man is closer to the beasts of the field both in time and in character than to the lover and the heavenly state


the u.n. security council’s is trying to enlarge the “inner sanctum

currently it’s america, russia, britain, france and china


saradin 3-2 rest of the world


multiple sclerosis...

the writer watched a programme of a woman in america who recovered from the debility when lightening struck her home and passed through her

notably down her spine

20th february

the cover-up of the assassination of the russian journalist indicates that those at the centre of the world wide clique of the 2nd party will probably not repent

but because there is so much at stake the writer will leave the offer made in genetic theory on 24/01/09 open until he has regained his health

(18 months or so)

it may seem to some that the future would be better of without them

but take the writers word for it all will feel the loss of beings who could have been before a love-length has passed


russia sinks chinese ship: 8 killed...

this is an act of simple murder

(assuming all of those killed had children and didn’t intend to have any more)

the law of reality and the dictum of love/life is simple and straightforward

violence is only permitted if your life is being threatened

this was not the case


in december 1999 the writer was in germany and handed out page 37

on that page, for the first time, the word perdition was used

because of what had been written in previous pages and because of their liberal use of murder the 2nd party knew that they are part of devolution and had no future worth having

out went boris yeltzin and in came vladimir putin


the machinery of mayhem was started and the twin towers atrocity was the first product of that machine

sinking a chinese ship is yet another product


world war one was the most intense suffering mammal man experiences

whatever comes it will not be as bad as that


and the things that do happen and are going to happen is because you think you know better than god

21st february

 the sinking of the chinese ship has been dropped as a news item here in britain nor is it to be found on cnn or fox

(they're only after your money china)

at best it is the 2nd party testing china’s resolve

in which case it's the same thing that  happened in the yugoslav wars in 1999 when american forces bombed the chinese embassy in belgrade

which suggests that the 2nd party mentality is flourishing in america or that the 2nd party have operatives in the american military hierarchy, specifically in intelligence, and since the operation was initiated by the cia, in the very heart of the american secret services

at worst the 2nd party is cranking up the stakes

in which case...



the 2nd party is well entrenched throughout the region and are using israel’s phobia’s to push their buttons

either israel is in with the 2nd party and is fully compliant with their strategies

or israel is still smarting from world war 2 and wants to kill to appease those feelings while hiding behind america’s skirt

(again the american love of money is preventing justice from prevailing)


22nd february

absolutism means there is only one way it can be

unlike politics there isn’t, nor can there be, an adversarial aspect to absolutism

the absolutism of reality had to be included into love/life’s design as it wove itself into the fabric of reality and create, through sacrifice piled upon sacrifice, a reality that was not a contradiction to the absolute

the point is there is only one way things can be that is desirable and contains the potential for endlessness

the sooner this is realized, that is, the sooner you do your bit and shake off your cliquey, covetous, secretive, manipulative and conspiratorial shackles and get this information to others, the greater the chance you have of experiencing more life this undulation

every time you talk to someone who doesn’t know about the facts you’re reading here and at endic and don’t tell them about it is another nail in your coffin

if you can’t bring yourself to do this simple thing then it is almost certainly the case you are harbouring a death-outcome reality

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