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 of the affairs of the man shaped being there are three main bodies of influence

these three party’s occupy varying positions or degrees of the conjugate of love/life and the sub conjugate of life/death 

 the three party’s are…

1st party

 a german-japanese liaison

 its strategy is the creation and distribution of wealth

 the conjugate of love/life is in evidence

 a major flaw in this strategy is that the single biggest wealth-generating product (the car) is causing unnatural death in at least three different ways

it is a step forward in the repositioning of the conjugate of love/life in that the wealth it produces reduces the number of a deaths across the world due to the unnatural deaths poverty produces 

still, the car must be recognised for what it is... an unnatural death outcome circumstance that has to be removed from our civilization

2nd party

 a russian dominated coalition of oligarchies who are the very definition of the elaborate deceit

 ( gulf war one and the twin towers atrocity )

 its motivation is nothing other than to control of people

( a persons desire to control the destiny of others begins when they have lost control of their own )

 have no illusions the oligarch's will have us at each others throats into infinity

 the 2nd party differs from the 3rd party in that it doesn't use, because it hasn't got, money to control people

 it is unable to redeem itself

3rd party

 jewish financiers

 this is the economic side of judaism

 they see themselves as the pinnacle of existence

 their links to wars and the way they have, and do, finance wars and benefit from wars is there for all to see


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 the third party's way of doing things is through the use of money coupled with media manipulation

 the most influential politicians, including the speaker of the house, in the american senate are in the pocket of the third party

(the biggest single tax break in american history, which went into the pockets of the most wealthy american's, not least those in the senate, was during g.w. bushes' 2nd term as president. the money came from the the federal reserves coffer's. in return israel would get whatever arms it needed to be able to do whatever it wanted in its part of the world and know that it would get the support of the u.s. aministration and, if needed, u.s. military support)

 the money that was given as the tax break was paid back to the federal reserve in a roundabout way by g.w. bush in the transition period between changing presidents in 2008/2009

 (the sheer gall of these cliques is breathtaking. it is only matched by the indifference of ordinary people toward the plight of other people, in particular the african nations)

 the federal reserve tells the right wing political structure of america what countries' resources it needs ( at the moment they need iran's resources ) to maintain global financial dominance and the controlling cliques' machinery starts up 

 (as long as the militarists are able to increase their destructive capabilities (i.e. the federal reserve underwites the militarists projects) they'll always be in agreement with whoever and wherever the funding comes from)

 a war and/or political unrest is started to gain control of the country for its natural resources 

 (the syrian unrest is a ploy to take control of the country and from there launch an insurrection in iran, with slight variations it's the same thing that happened in libya in 2011 ( the tenth largest oil field in the world ), and gain control of irans resources ( the 4th largest oil and gas reserves in the world ) 

 every european war since the napaleonic wars 

 ( an attempt to " free men from the tyranny of kings " )

 has been at the behest of either the second or third party or both working in collusion




while researching this piece the most enlightening thing to have come from it is the fact that of all the list's of the most evil men who have ever lived not one mention is made of the jewish financiers role in the wars of the last two hundred years or any mention of the russian led oligarchy's of the present, the real instigators of the wars of late

 you'll notice, as in the case of world war 1 and world war 2, when the oligarch's enemy is substantial they always end up fighting on the same side of their supposed enemies 

 neither should you allow yourself to think that because they are always slagging each other off they are on different sides of the fence

( you'll also notice that they never actually fight each other )

 (the 2nd and 3rd party have connections in all of the four main nuclear powers... u.s., russia, britain and france

 how easy it is to convince entire populations and even world populations of falsehoods when you control the media

 whether life-enhancing or life-degrading these outlook's don’t come into existence like a bolt from the blue

 these lifestyles have to be reaffirmed time and time again, undulation after undulation

 once a person has committed murder although the opportunity to repent is available ( picture page " greetings to the repentant " ) there is no instance, certainly no instance known to this web site, of a high profile figure embracing repentance

 it must be the case that repentance applies to a particular point after murder has been committed but not when that point has been passed

 once that point has been passed it is not possible for that person to change the course of their chosen destiny, i.e. perdition

 take note those of you who are only a " little bit " out of ethical parameters

 catch it in its early stages


 the lovers terrible love has ensured that the worst things that can happen have already happened

  never again will there be a breach in the parameters of the conjugate of love/life that could produce a failure of life’s own objective of mammal man completing earthly evolution

 ( in the next one or two thousand years )

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