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6th january 2009


all murders happening in the world reduce to one simple circumstance...


people who are prepared to kill people


it is this preparedness, contained in a persons values or perception of life, that gives rise to the main disturbances in  what would otherwise be a dream-through-to-heaven evolutionary transition



the problem is that these death-outcome, degradation-leading-to-death and degradation-to life postulates or assertions that produce murder, simple murder and compound murder are so pervasive, so widespread and so subtly ingrained into the physiology that even well-intentioned political movements can't formulate strategies ( there is one currently ) without incorporating one or more of these postulates/assertions into their planning


it is these death-outcome and degradation-leading-to-death and degradation-to life postulates/assertions that are preventing the man shaped mammal being


from fulfilling this phase of evolution without unnatural deaths


in the first instance the most destructive of the death-outcome assertions/postulates have to be recognized


 the ethically oriented and ethically orienting hate the sin more than the sinner

the sin will always have the opportunity to exist the sinner can repent

a refusal to repent after the consequences of murder are known opens the sinner to denunciation



at the centre of the world-wide web of deceit and destructive trends is a hell-bound group who, at this web site are called the 2nd party



a handful of people providing the information and one person to make the decision is all that is needed to control/manipulate the population of any country


the web of control/manipulation has to have people occupying key positions in the media, the police, the judicial system, government, the secret services, the civil service, the armed forces, the financial sector... all in all just a few thousand people, to be aware of the current strategy and the conditions are set for the control/manipulation of the population of any country


what makes the 2nd party truly sinister is the fact that over the last two hundred years they have managed to infiltrate all but a few of the countries around the world


the pressing issue is the next major act of violence that is already planned

14:02 gmt 8th january

the current financial troubles are just part of a " softening-up " process to deplete the coffers and ready governments to respond to the news that the tv, newspapers and radio will are going to be co-ordinating to coincide with the next violent act


during the 1990 gulf war

( a 2nd party strategy designed to embroil america in war and produce anti american sympathies, deplete the global financial base, whip up division between the religions but mainly to gratify their death-outcome urges )


while diplomacy and the eyes of the world were focused on the middle east the 2nd party were busy organizing the next bit of violence... the bosnian war *

you have to understand... in the same way that an ordinary person enjoys a day at the beach or a night at the theatre conspiring to bring about death is what excites a devolving being, death is their thing


the current israel-gaza conflict is a diversion to keep the attention of diplomacy and the eyes of the rest of the world elsewhere


so what is their next bit of violence?...

04:35 9th january

it will contain some or all of the following ingredients...


america is buckling from the financial tribulations


a quick shove will floor them and then the boot can be put in


barack obama's assassination


blaming a moslem group for his assassination will galvanise america into a violent reaction and become the trigger for justifying a war with iran

this in turn will bring about a total loss of their credibility in the moslem population and complete the alienation the worlds moslem's and christian's and sow the seeds for the much beloved " war without end "  of the devolving


blaming a white extremist group for barack obama's assassination will alienate the african/caucasion and moslem/christian population in america

the civil upheaval that would ensue would predispose the conditions for the removal of whatever resistance there is within the administration


dmitri medvedev

(the russian president)

he's been "conditioned" but am unable to understand for what purpose

every major event he is involved in has to analyzed


that's some of the what of it

05:33 gmt 15th january

the when...


the russian/ukraine gas supply dispute is obviously contrived and medvedev has called for a meeting to take place between russia and the ukraine on the 17th of january in russia

also he has called for a meeting involving russia and european countries who receive the gas on the 7th february


colin powell

(the former u.s. secretary of state)

says it will occur on the first or second day of the new presidency...

click this line for the video interview he says it in


joe biden

(who will then be the new vice president)

says something similar

only that it could be anything up to six months into the new presidency before it happens

click this line for the interview he says it in


05:33 gmt 19th january

we now have to wait to get a clearer indication of the direction 2nd party are going and the strategy that will be used to get there

 a day by day evaluation of events will commence starting on the 22nd


16:33 gmt 22nd january

the worst didn't happened neither did anything happen that was significantly bad that the writer is aware of on the 20th or the 21st which means the israel/gaza violence wasn't a smoke screen to allow a more sinister violent act to happen on the 20th or 21st

it was, probably, as one commentator suggested, the last time israel could engage in unrestricted violence in gaza before barack obama took over


the special relationship between america and israel and the " jewish question " will be returned to if and when israel engages in an act of violence that results in murder

( simple murder is something, it is hoped, that will be the focus of our attention before the writer dies )




currently their are two areas of violence that involve nuclear states

1 afghanistan

2 iraq


in both cases the commodities being fought over are organic

( oil and heroin )


america recognizes that it is its dependence on iraq's oil that is putting them in the position where they can be manipulated into proliferating the violence in iraq

barack obama is trying to bring that dependency to an end


93% of the heroin in the european union comes from afghanistan and it's supplied, and to a lesser degree, used by, the 2nd party

can the 2nd party bring its dependency on afghanistan's heroin to an end in the same time that america brings its dependency on iraq's oil to an end?


16:08 gmt 23rd january


the last president of the united states

(g w bush)

represented america's oil business and his father

( the 41st president of the u.s.)

was also an "oil man" and had no option but to commit american forces to iraq in 1990 to protect those interests

we now how have a new president in the oval office and because he does not have personal business interests in oil he can see his way to dissociating his country from the violence that is ensuing there

we can see who’s who and who’s doing what to who in america

it is time to bring the 2nd party members into the public arena

their “ front ” man, and leading thinker, is vladimir putin

(the current prime minister of russia)

barack obama recognizes that the stumbling block to halting the flow of heroin to the west is the current afghanistan president

( h e hamid karzai )

and that is why barack obama is seeking to replace him

the obvious solution is to buy the heroin crop from the farmers

 ( letting them keep enough each year to feed their addiction  )

but hamid karzai didn’t want to do that

the reasons weren’t given in the news report that the writer watched

if the 2nd party want to make a permanent and desirable impression in the fabric of reality for all time vladimir putin will be instrumental in persuading them to bring the heroin trade to an end


23:40 gmt 24th january


 those who read between the lines realized that the jill dando murder was retaliation for the bombing of the serbian tv/radio station that killed 16 people

it isn't "bad form" to bomb a hospital and kill patients

(as also happened in that war)

but tv and radio buildings are "off limits"

the reason being that media personnel are also part of the oligarch structure and know the real reasons behind the news stories

 the first and last word of globally coordinated strategies comes out of russia and russia is to be considered as the 2nd party headquarters

when the writer uses the phrase the 2nd party he means those people you don't see on the telly who indulge in a lifestyle that it is so far removed from the normal lifestyle of ordinary people that oridinary people can't even conceive of what they're up to

at a street level they are a scruffy and dirty lot and vladimir putin is should be seen as a front man

it is necessary to make the distinction between the 2nd party and the people who do their bidding

so when the phrase the 2nd party is used it means... an internationally organized group who are living a multifarious murder lifestyle

the people who do their bidding willingly

(for money, fame, position, power, status etc.)

will be called 2nd party affiliates

the phrases 2nd party means those who make the decisions as outlined in the entry oligarch's and 2nd party affiliates means those who know what the oligarchs are up to and support their strategies


in trying to reach out to  the 2nd party the 2nd party affiliates are responding

it is necessary to open a means of communicating with the 2nd party and getting a direct response from russia's oligarchs


19:51 gmt 25th january


will leave the ball in russia's court and wait for russia to pick it up 



22:46 gmt 26th january


while russia is deciding whether it wants life or death...


the violence in africa is of course about resources/money


the last two of the major imperial nations,

britain and france, need the resources/wealth of africa to be "players" in world affairs


when zimbabwe wrested control from britain a few years back it was a big blow to britain's finances and they want it back


first zimbabwe was a dictatorial regime and people were fleeing to other countries to get away

then it was the economy running down and there was no food in the shops

then it was more brutality and rigged elections

then "our man" got into their cabinet and stirred up trouble from the inside

now people are dying from cholera

there are 5000 children dying each day in africa

any country in africa could have its government rubbished if all of the english speaking worlds

(britain, usa, canada, australia, new zealand, south africa)

media singled it out and made the facts known


zimbabwe isn't big news outside of the english speaking parts of the world but the media of the english speaking world is extremely influential


who you gonna believe?

23:58 gmt 27th january


the definition of the word imperialism: a country that uses force, trickery... to secure the wealth of another country, be it through the labour of the people or the resources of the land


the chronology of the two simple murders committed at the gaza/israel border area today was, if the bbc and sky have not colluded to alter the facts, an israeli soldier was killed then a farmer from gaza was killed


the invisible death-outcome assertions that exist in the physiology of people who have them exists in people of all shapes and sizes, cultures, creeds and ethnicities


they are going to be with us for many millions of years ahead and great care will have to be taken to make sure that one persons death-outcome assertion is not manipulated by another person with a death-outcome assertion to cause further death outcomes 


21:34 gmt 28th january


continuing on the theme of death outcomes…


coupling love/life’s conjugate position with genetic theory brings this consideration to the fore...

the “firming up” of death outcome configurations within the genes that come through encouraging of the use of the car will result in the manifestation of death outcomes in other ways through their descendants further on into evolution

then add in the deaths that result because of accidents, casualties of oil wars, health issues...

the point will or has been reached when the number of murders occurring because of the car are greater than the number of murders that have or would happen if intentionally sinister death outcome lifestyles dominated


a breakdown of an economy that is based on a death outcome lifestyle is an acceptable or necessary shift in the conjugate positioning of love/life


the new unnatural-death-designed-out habitation has got to come and the car has got to go


22:40 gmt 29th january

in ascending order, the overwhelming feelings that are known to exist in heaven,

and which are just waiting, and it is actually waiting if you can understand that, to be experienced

(10 ^10 - 10 ^ 100 years as a minimum and maximum time it can wait)


pleasure… love… freedom


to get an idea of the qualitative

( you, like the writer, will have to engage in mind-expanding exercises to get an insight to the quantitative value of 10 ^ 80 000 years )

to get a feel of the least of the known heavenly experiences ( pleasure ) check out the entry "the nervous system" in the next day or two


20:22 gmt 30th january


the chance to work together as equals passed in 1994

the chance to do the lovers will passed in 2000

the chance for meaningful inter-action passed in 2002

the chance to be back with you in 500 years passed in 2007

another major evolutionary milestone is looming 


19:05 gmt 31st january


even for the very worst there is a love-length

(10^100 years)

of quality life every undulation if a person repents and begins to orient themselves to reality


the decision to repent or not depends on the sophistication or extent of a persons death outcome genetic structure

*when you've experienced global nuclear war everything else is a bit of violence