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august 1994


it wouldn't be difficult to write several hundred words expressing the excitement that interspersed the fullness of the feeling of pleasure which persisted day after day, month after month, as the vague notions which preceded the bulk of the ideas of page one took shape

those feelings went hand in hand with the compulsion to convey those ideas to other people and eventually resulted in the information sheets being offered to the general public

it was obvious there would be dozens of people queuing to ask questions and an eagerly awaiting crowd for each new page

people would be sending copies to all their friends and fevereishly explainin g the new knowledge whenever an interest was shown and in no time at all we would all be basking in the afterglow of our intellectual achievement


two years later... 50 copies get taken on a good day

the number of pertinent questions didn't exceed 20 ( 10 from the same person ) and only one person thought it worthwhile to acquire back issues

most dishearteningly not one offer of help to get the pages to other people

the problem...

exeter, 100 00 people.

50 pages a week means it will take 40 years just for people to take a page

how much longer before those same people decide to get back copies and act on the advice therein ?

britain is home to 50 000 000 people

at the current rate it will take 20 000 years before everyone has read just one page let alone understand, agree or act upon them

in view of the fact that the bulk of the unnatural deaths occurring in the world are occurring in the third world, the exploitation of which is perpetrated, almost exclusively, by britain, in conjunction with france and america, and taking into account the schedule of love/life's plan (page 9), it is eminantly appropriate that the final phase of earthly evolution (divesting ourselves of all remaining murderous content) should start here too

it is, therefore, a necessity to gain an objective view from a different place, and if exeter is the norm, use different tactics, to get help from ordinary people to get this knowledge from other orinary people


this open letter

was handed out in exeter in august 1994

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