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16th january 2009

perdition/devolution is

quadruped... insect... virus... and expiry

it can be seen as the annihilation of self or the undoing of self and is the consequence of not repenting (see ethical parameters)

see also... the mistake

mercifully when a devolving being dies before 1996 they don’t realize that they are devolving


most chillingly and frighteningly all the way down the devolutionary chute, right through to the time of sub viral existence, devolving beings they believe that they are the top dog


but don’t feel sorry for them


they chose it

as can be seen happening today

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19th august 2009

the “asteroid” that hit the earth 65 000 000 years ago with an explosive force that had more than 10 000 times the energy than all the atom bombs in the world combined was not a random event

there are at least two or three possible reasons why this happened...


that monstrously vindictive act was done by beings who took the decision, across many undulations, not to change from a death outcome lifestyle to a more-life outcome lifestyle

it happened 65 000 000 years ago this undulation

it happened at the same time last undulation

it will happen again at the same point in time next undulation

there are those who are not death oriented aiding and abetting beings with fatal tendencies

those aiding and abetting such beings are destined to experience the death outcome realities that those in the state of perdition are creating…

5th march 2012

the reason above wasn't the first reason that was thought of as to why it happens

if the reason above is not is the actual reason than there are at least two other possible reasons as to why it happens


the sliding/shifting conjugate positioning of love/life over a 5000 000 000 million year period across undulations without end is too great a variable to evaluate and/or compensate for


the lover can't take life in any way shape or form for any reason whatsoever


it has been said elsewhere...

it is going to be brought up again...

all you've got to do is keep abreast of the writer ethically