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war room hostage

 a regular visitor to this web site will have cottoned on to the fact that as time moves on so too does love/life 

 there is a steady overall improvement in the condition of the man shaped being taking place second by second

 this improving situation applies to the next few hours, months and millennia as surely as it applies to the far-off future and has it has done in our distant past

 it is also true of past and future undulations 

 this picture is of a distant, past undulation when death-oriented beings used the writer as a shield 

 a mere handful of men are in the act of annihilating all life in a global nuclear war just as long as they could gloat at the carnage aferwards

 this is the shape a life-oriented being becomes when subject to the realities that death outcome assertions produce

 things are improving

 second by second, undulation by undulation