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causing a prepubescent person to fail to become a parent




causing, directly or indirectly, a pre-pubescent person to fail to become a parent



causing, directly or indirectly, with or without intent, a pre-pubescent person to fail to become a parent


causing, directly or indirectly, with or without intent, in the second or third instance in the chain of cause and effect, a pre-pubescent person to fail to become a parent


heaven has passed from a persons attainment when they commit murder

( and it is a loss to us all )

consider together...

free will... the freedom to do whatever you want to do

schrodinger's cat... the unique course of events that follows every act

neils bohr... "the act of observation cannot occur without the thing being observed being affected by the observation... "

the irreversible impression every act produces in the fabric of reality

the repeated outcome of every act due to the exact nature of the undulationary process

murder is the manifestation of a death-outcome assertion

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18th october 2009

simple murder

taking the life of a person who has one child or more than one child



taking the life of a prepubescent person


compound murder

maintaining prepubescent life for the purpose of murder


see also ethical parameters



16/17/18/19th/20th/21st/ august 2012

with the exception of two people known to this website (one was english; a high profile figure in acedemia who announced we would no longer be using the car and a german man who moved out of his country to a country where he could live on the world wage.) you still just don't get it

not only are you not taking your responsibilities seriously but are now beginning to look elsewhere to point the finger and where better than this website

this website has heard the rumblings of those who are managing to construe that what is being written herein as provoking murder and that consequently this website itself is committing murder

since when has telling the truth been murder

it is suggested that there are those amongst you who need to think through what it is that is wrong and right

if a person writes that there are a pack of lying, murdering dogs running around who are the cause of all the major problems in the world and it is written to alert life oriented beings to the presence of the lying, murdering pack of dogs existence so that they have the ammunition, in the form of facts, with which to throw at the lying, murdering pack of dogs, and the lying, murdering pack of dogs continue lying and murdering but with less confidence and zest then what has been written has served part of its purpose

it is the nature of the lying, murdering pack of dogs to counter any and every attempt to stop them being lying, murdering dogs through the use of more lying and more murdering

when a lying, murdering dog sees that life oriented beings are unhappy with what they are doing and life oriented beings tell them to stop it they see it as an attack on their lifestyle

if there are murders being caused because of the expose of the lying, murdering dogs then there is an exceptionally sensitive point to consider

it is summed up thus... whether in a state of repentance or not a being has to experience everything they bring into existence

if it can be shown that speaking the truth is causing the murder of life oriented beings then any form of expression... "it's a nice day today... that dress looks nice on you..." that contains any truth also contains the  potentiality of  murder

this website says that whoever accuses a statement of truth as being harmful to life is taking a step in the direction of an inverted orientation to life

this website see's murder as the natural behaviour of death oriented beings, which, as the conjugate of life/death, and like the conjugates of love/life, have a maximum and minimum range

the conjugate of life/death however has a fixed maximum and minimum parameter

for the conjugate of life/death the minimum is one or less second or so and the maximum is 1 ^100 years or thereabouts

the conjugates of life without death also has a minimum of one second or less but is an open-ended maximum which is limited only by the self-instilled trait of love

it may be the case, although it doesn't make a lot of sense,  that life oriented beings are being steered into the cul-de-sac of murder and many more will be

this is the equation that is being weighed...

alert beings who are still oriented to life to the dire and dreadful consequences of becoming a lying, murdering dog and in so doing bring just two life oriented beings to their senses each undulation, then those two beings will go on to become part of the function of one times one which in turn means that their genetic structure becomes sophisticated enough to give rise, in the course of eterntiy, to more man shaped beings than are alive in the world today, then what is being written here is more productive of life than it is destructive to life

it can be appreciated, and it is beginning to be realized, that what is happening here and now is the most profoundly serious touch and go situation imaginable

yes, the train has slowed (world war 1 is the closest the train comes to actually stopping for mammal man) but it did not stop


the meaning of word causing has to be considered

the word causing means... that which is done, with or without the intention of it producing the outcome that it produced

again we're back into the moses syndrome  (The Old Testament. numbers: 15 and 15 ) which embraces the abdication of responsibility by introducing the notion that where intent was not present then no crime is committed; the car driver who committed murder didn't have the intention to commit murder

tell the child before she or he is about to be killed that the person who is about to kill her or him isn't about to do anything wrong

tell the parents of the child that the person who killed her or him has done nothing wrong

can you see how ridiculous this whole argument is becoming

the law (you know, that thing which changes with the breeze) says the car driver has done nothing wrong

you can expect a 200 fine for taking the life of a child if you're found to have been driving improperly (a case that happened near where the writer lived) and get anywhere up to life imprisonment for sexually assaulting the same child

200! how you must hate life

can you not see that our values as to what is right are terribly wrong

perhaps you can't

in which case... the writer has been saying it for the last 20 years and will no doubt be saying it through this website for the next 20 years "i'm surrounded by loonies" and "the lunatics are running the asylum"

also consider this point... would you rather have your child survive the attack of someone who tried to kill her or him or dead by the hands of someone who didn't want to kill her or him

this web site says if a child doesn't want to cease to exist the onus is on a person to make damn sure that whatever they do they don't take the life of a child who doesn't want to cease to exist

what is more important than making sure you don't kill a child?

this website maintains that the worst thing that a person can do is take the life of a child

it appears that this web site is the only place in the world where this sentiment exists... see also page 57 and crime


further; a loose interpretation of the word murder allows the term murderer to be applied to the lover as it was he who brought into being those circumstances in which murder could occur

the difference is that the frame of mind that didn't foresee the mistake does not apply to a car driver who knows that the possibility exists that murder can occur

the car is, in some countries, already the no.1 murderer and becoming so in others

as you read ten times more children are dying from car accidents than are dying in wars

click the links and read if you don't believe it

on a world wide basis that's a million people each year who have thrown away the chance of getting to heaven

the concept of murder cannot be applied to circumstances where the chain of cause and effect are so far removed from the original cause that the accusation of murder can be levelled

otherwise the lover can be held responsible for every murder that has occurred, is occurring and will occur

e.g. a person doesn't go to the cinema because...

the 10 ticket he would have bought would have made the receipts for the cinema for the month 10 005, instead the monthly take was for 9, 995

the management of the cinema decided three months earlier that if the takings ever fell below 10 000 for any one month they would close the picture house down

the picture house closes and five people lose their jobs

one of the people who lost his job went into a depression and killed his family

therefore the man who didn't buy the cinema ticket was the murderer

the reason the man didn't go to the pictures that night was because he was 2.50 short of the 10 he needed

the reason he was 2.50 short was because his food cost 5 more than the week before

the reason food had gone up in price was because there had been a drought the year before and the crops had failed and the suppliers had put up the prices

the lover could have foreseen there would be years when crops would fail and so should have reduced the sexual urge to procreate by half which would have meant there would always be enough food even in those years when the crops failed

which in turn means the lover is a murderer

alright then... from now all over the world every family is limited to one child until the population is at the level of the current level of food production, about 6 000 000 000 people

then we need to factor in the possibility that there may be a three year period when the crops fail, which means 2 000 000 000 people

in fact let's go the whole hog and play it really safe, the population should never exceed the amount of food that can be stored to accommodate a ten year span of failed crops, 180 000 000

we had better take into account that there may be a pestilence plague that coincides with a drought so better be safe than sorry and reduce the total maximum population to 100 000 000

then there's the possibility...

within the human condition the definition of murder should not contain the expectation that an average person should have to consider the consequences of any action they initiate beyond the first few instances of anything they do

(the first, second and third instance)

now the definition of murder is...

causing, directly or indirectly, with or without intent beyond the first, second or third instance in the chain of cause and effect, a pre-pubescent person to fail to become a parent

this response is becoming altogether too complicated and long-winded

instead of life becoming easier to understand and live it is getting cumbersome

it is the case that, given the right environment, a life oriented child-teenager-adult will go through life without having to consider these points and will never fall foul of the laws of love/life (our reality)




those circumstances within which murder could occur and were/are foreseeable were neutralised through his terrible love



a truly life oriented being in her/his transcendentally happy state is a wonder of life; unfortunately it brings out homicidal the tendencies in people who have a death-outcome assertion within their genetic structure



the hammer comes down the 1st of july next year when the half-way point of generation 2000 has passed and the trend of an expanding contraction is occurring for all but three or four couples of mammal man

it's not that this website is going to do something drastic but the opposite... it is not going to do something which has profound ramifications for all of you


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