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  7th january2009


quantum theory is the theory which demonstrates that reality is not continuous

 it was discovered in 1900 by max planck

 as a student one of the questions on his exam paper was to suggest an explanation as to why maxwell's equations didn't solve the problem of why it is that things don't get hotter and hotter the more you heat them up

 e.g. when you boil water it doesn't get as hot as metal but stays at 100 degrees centigrade 

 his answer  was to introduce the novel idea that heat energy happens in tiers or stages (plancks' postulate

 like popcorn, when it reaches a certain temperature it suddenly "pops" into another, slighly different, form 

 the mathematics bore out the idea... quantum theory was born

this was how scientist's saw energy before planck's postulate (see below)  

this was how scientist's saw energy after planck's postulate

İmathmlcentral.com - Tilde_L.gifİmathmlcentral.com - Tilde_L.gifİmathmlcentral.com - Tilde_L.gif


there is a mathematical theory, its origins in quantum theory, that indicates the universe is flashing on and off - coming into and going out of existence - millions of times every second

those micro moments when the universe is " off " suggests that there must be a physical state of nothing

because nothing doesn't need anything to put it there quantum theory not only explains the bizarre behaviour of atomic particles but also gives an answer to the greatest mystery of all...

how did things get here ?

this theory is vindicated by bell's theorem of interconnectedness

bell's theorem proves that all of reality is connected faster than light and various experiments have shown it

associate immediately with this knowledge the distinction between the basic nature of reality and our experience and perception of it

space ships that can go faster than the speed of light, time-travel machines and the like are, and always will be, science fiction

the riddle of reality has now gone

love's mysteries however go on and on

 planck's postulate

" energy does not occur in a continuous stream, on the contrary, it can only occur in fixed, discreet amounts ( quanta ) and that quanta grow larger as the wavelength grow smaller

(approximately doubling and halving)


for 100 metre wavelengths 100 quanta

for 50 metre wavelengths 200 quanta

for 25 metre wavelengths 400 quanta



7th january2009

quantum theory is not just a breakthrough in physics

rather it should be regarded as an evolutionary step in the development of the brain

this is because its implications and applications permeates all things that the mind dwells upon

this conclusion is strengthened through the sheer embracive capacity of planck's postulate which manifests its full power of delineation to all things following a shock of cognition

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