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" if you haven't been shocked you have failed to understand quantum mechanics "

niels bohr, regarded as the leading authority of quantum theory, uses this sentence to open his explanation of the subject in one of the earlier editions of the encyclopaedia britannica

it is absolutely essential that we recognise that this is the difference between understanding and not understanding quantum theory

there's no mistaking the experience

when it happens you will be aware of yourself in an extremely mild but distinctly noticeable feeling of shock

there's nothing to worry about

it doesn't hurt

it's as mild a feeling of shock a person can undergo

if it was any milder you wouldn’t notice it all

the original ideas and formulations on these sheets come directly from the understanding which follows the transition in thinking after being shocked

each and everyone of us has the ability to originate ideas and solutions to any problem we consider as needing resolving and as more of us make the transition the momentum builds

you simply can't appreciate the power of quantum theory until you're experiencing it

explore through discussion ideas a, b and c until it happens

C’mon people get shocked


plancks postulate



" that energy does not occur in a continuous stream , on the contrary, it can only occur in fixed , discreet amounts (quanta) and that quanta grow larger as the wavelength get smaller "


approximately doubling and halving


for 100 metre wavelengths 100 quanta

for 50 metre wavelengths 200 quanta

for 25 metre wavelengths 400 quanta


there is a mathematical theory, its origins in quantum theory, that indicates the universe is...

" flashing on and off millions of times every second "

while the universe is " off ", space included, there is a real value of zero and since zero needs no prime-mover we may have overcome a main philosophical imponderable

also, zero values when "off"

infinite values when "on"


that the structuring of all things comply with planck's postulate of a size to numerical ratio

that is, for any given natural object there will be more of the smaller and less of the larger

this can be seen with trees, fish, animals, rivers, insects, clouds, mountains, plants etc

yet further it appears to apply to things we can't see

e.g. wavelengths, micro organisms, suns, galaxies, planets etc

yet further still it appears to apply to things we can only think about

e.g. the indefinitely large numerical structure of pi


the anthropic principle

if the rate of expansion of the universe had been different by 1: 1 000 000 000 000 th immediately after the big bang no life could be here

if the electric charge of the electron was different by a fraction of a fraction we would not be here

if the photon/proton ratio was different by a very small amount we would not be here

the more those conditions on which life needs to exist are taken into account the stronger the anthropic principle becomes

it could be countered that if we weren’t here some other form of life would be

yet if we try to imagine any other form of life, based on the conditions that would be prevalent if the universe were different to the degree that carbon based life forms ( ourselves ) could not exist, we come to a dead end

it beggars belief to accept that this vast edifice which is the universe exists exclusively for mankind

are the dinosaurs really extinct?

are mammals the last class of animal to evolve?

colloquially the the anthropic principle is saying







genetic theory's scope encompasses the possibility, and it's beginning to look as though, specifically, the structuring of life is designed to facilitate it, that our descendants will be able to reproduce from their genes all those combinations, i.e. you and i, that are the constituent parts of theirs.

those of us whose genes do not survive until then will have become actual people who exist in theory only

genetic theory presented itself while searching for an ethical principle that would strengthen the weak link in the love chain

it seemed reasonable that a principle should exist since the weak link, love between men, was believed to be a natural condition

genetic theory was conceived through a desire to increase love between men and so enhance the quality of life for everyone

it is incompatible with its nature to visualize its application occurring in a civilization where love, life and truth are not the most abundant qualities

genetic engineering, currently being pioneered, is not in the same spirit as genetic theory and should not be associated with it as this will produce confusion

genetic engineering addresses physical problems and is not used to enhance conditions for the people of the world most in need of help and who, in fact, aren't in need of genetic engineering

it can now be understood that the loss of life where that person has not had the chance to procreate has much more serious consequences than was previously considered

it may no longer be though of as the loss of one person only but the loss of an entire genetic line

in this new era of new world order we can begin to embrace this new idea

see also squaring the essence

page 6 was handed out in exeter high street in july and august of 1993

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