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the unique course of events that follows every action, thought, utterence, observation etc. that is made by life as opposed to things that happen because of inanimate causality

see also terrible love


2nd december 2012

we can all understand that the things we do, say, write, think etc. affects, to a greater or lesser degree, what other people do or say or write or think etc.

what hasn't been appeciated until now is just how far-reaching the consequences of our thoughts, deeds, words etc. can be

as it starts to sink into the public consciousness of just how profound the situation is the vast majority of people are beginning a radical rethink of their lifestyle

the most exciting thing about our circumstance is that the good things we do reach much further into the future than the bad things

it's true that the loss of the life of one child has repercussions that reachfar into a love length and consequently thousands of people who would have existed will not get that chance

more importantly though, the assimilation of the new knowledge will bring into being far greater numbers of individuals who would not otherwise have existed with the added advantage that they are entering into existence in a environment where a more enlightened appreciation of their value as irreplaceable individuals is understood

now, if we can only get the wayward to see sense

see also destiny and for a detailed explanation