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 where all the classes of man shaped beings begin orienting themselves to an endless existence

9th september 2011

 the gathering place is outside of the solar system

 it is believed that we do not live on a planet after leaving earth 


9th september 2011

the next step into endless time is space dream evolution

all the preparations have been made by our man shaped dinosaur cousins

they live for at least a million years and genetic theory is understood and applied

it’s one thing to take the life of a child with a three score and ten life year life-span where genetic theory is neither understood nor applied

it is another thing completely when the being who was killed had more than a million years of quality life to look forward to and was part of a genetic line which was destined to give rise to their parents as well themselves further on into the undulation

there’s no way they are going to let people with murder in them any where near their children



9th september 2011

to get to the point where our man shaped cousins will be prepared to mix freely with us we have to instil ourselves with an “unnatural death taboo” outlook

it will only take a generation or two for the idea to take hold

( you know how quickly children pick things up )

all that’s needed is an environment where that sentiment can exist

hence the new habitation



what needs to be understood about the gathering place and its inhabitants is that all death outcome lifestyles have ceased

the death outcome assertions that produce unnatutural death are going to be part of our population for as long as there are people who are in a true state of repentance

but the influence of ethically oriented and ethically orienting beings will prevent unbalanced behaviour from having a disrupting influence as it does now

the descendants of unrepentant beings who have death-outcome realities within their genetic structure and are unable to embrace repentance will endure for 10-20 million years

but don't worry

once they are identified they won't pose a threat





29th august 2009

 the man shaped being, with the behavioural traits that we recognize as being human... talking, laughing, playing etc. , has been around for one million years

the number of years we continue living on earth is in the thousands of years and can be counted on the fingers of one hand

to those people who find the idea of living in space a bit too strange or aren’t drawn to the idea immediately…

our capacity to be happy and for experiencing pleasurable things and generally feeling good about being alive is always increasing

projecting the way you feel now into a strange, futuristic place, will be as out of place as trying to imagine being happy and content a few thousand years ago in the middle of winter in a mud hut that didn’t have hot and cold running water, a bath, electricity, heating, comfortable armchairs, carpet and a thousand other things that we take for granted today

if you find that when you think about it you would rather be living the way you live now and not how things were a few thousand years ago then you’ll have no problem in embracing the notion of dwelling in a vastly superior environment with an unimaginably improved lifestyle alongside people who genuinely love you

let your mind run free on things that are going to be


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