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those circumstances we have inherited from the mistake

6th april 2010

some people might be wondering why the lover didn't extend his terrible love and nullify all death-outcome realities that exist in everyone of those who chose non existence

the reason why the lover didn't extend his terrible love and nullify all death-outcome realities is because the decision not to exist is still being taken today and will continue to be taken for millions of years ahead this undulation and it is beginning to look as though it could go on eternally

were he to become involved in a hands on way so that all death oriented beings weren't given the opportunity to commit murder it would be more undulations than can be conceived of before life oriented beings saw the light of day, if indeed, any of us ever saw the light of day at all

our task, generation 3000, is to do the fine-tuning

what we have to do is to give death oriented persons as great a quantity and quality of life that can be afforded without letting the circumstances arise where murder can happen

it means the routine use of lie-detectors in conjunction with i.d. cards that are linked to a global database which allow us all to be aware of everyone else's coming's and going's instantly

allowing other people to share in happiness-filled lives is a life-enhancing feature that technology offers us

it shouldn't be felt to be an intrusion

in heaven every thought and emotion is visible to all

where and love and happiness generates more love and happiness

when the future that is calling starts to be understood it will have a similar effect on us here and now too and complete openness is something that will be sought after and not fought against

also, the taking of steps to nullify the circumstance that allow corruption or the use of force or threats of force or any form of coercion or subtle persuasion or uninformed, unintentionally misleading, views of reality that steers a person away from taking decisions that contains a greater quality and quantity of life can be checked against the facts that will be at our finger tips

this openness in our personal lives must come to be if we are to join with the future

it will be the signal to d-man that we are ready to make the quantum jump into their civilization which is 65 million years ahead of ours and, it is thought, within 100 light years from where we are

if you're life oriented you will be yearning for that lifestyle and beside yourself with impatience that things aren't happening overnight

unbelievably there are those who are content with this life here on earth

be ready to join with the writer and voice your desire for that future