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the feelings associated with the pleasure receptor cells of the nervous system


the genitalia, through which the majority of people experience the greatest degree of pleasure, is a physiological manfestation of collective love

it is the merest hint of the pleasure experienced when collective love occurs in heaven

it is the case that the pleasure which accompanies collective love is also the greatest pleasure experienced in heaven

it should be born in mind though that there are experiences more, much more, appealing than the sensation of the pleasure that goes with the act of procreation

it is not the urge to procreate that keep us in perpetuity while traversing the staight line

it is a completely different set of values

that such a simple thing as pleasure can move billions of people millons of years forward through evolution should produce an insight as to the intensity of the other motivating impulses that keeps us going for 1 ^83 000 years


the total amount of pleasure which has accompanied every sexual act that has been experienced, is being being experienced and will be experienced this undulation by all forms of life from the year dot to that point of evolution when procreation is no longer necessary is the pleasure that was experienced by the last act of collective love