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a person who has commited murder has limited themselves to a love length of life each undulation

( assuming repentance )










in the mid to late - 1990 's when it began to be realized what perdition was there were people who didn't give a second thought to changing their lifestyle and avoiding perdition

instead a rosy hue was woven into their perception of devolution

" i want to be a bird ", " i want to be an otter " and other similar sentiments could be heard in the national media

( for some strange reason no one wanted to be a pig or a rat )

it may be that once a person starts sliding down the devolutionary chute they can't stop themselves

in today's world people have the facts at their fingertips and can examine those facts and can make the decisions for themselves

every being that is devolving had the facts and chose not to pursue an ethical existence

after murder has been committed and a person knows they have excluded themselves from heaven a " don't care anymore " outlook develops

you are urged to repent before you commit murder

















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