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when something different happens



21st october 2009

there is heaven

before heaven there is lov-len

before lov-len there is li-len

before li-len there is lov-lee

before lov-lee there is the new habitation

before the new habitation there is political change

before political change there is personal change


the decisions we take are, to a greater or lesser degree, determined by the information we have on which to base those decisions and the difference of opinion between beings oriented to life about what to do is because of this

there are limits of time as to how long we have in which to act

in terms of optimum conjugate positioning our time was up in the year 2000

the ultimate outcome remains the same for orienting beings although there are consequences

the absolute limit is when the sun enlarges into a red giant and makes life on earth impossible

(although the lover can never lose consciousness he, like ourselves, is subject to the laws of physics and is subject to change)

between now and the end of the world, in 5000 000 000 years time, there are 100 000 000 000 different classes of man shaped beings who have to go through the stages of earthly evolution and who are as equally important as we are


the best we can do now is stop a calamity becoming a crime against love/life  and there is only three and a half years to do it in

(this projection is based on each generation being twenty five years)

although the best is hoped for the worst is being prepared for

this is a another last desperate attempt to rally life oriented people to take their destiny into their own hands

the number of people visiting this web site over the next two years will indicate if it stands a chance of succeeding or not

some people alive today do not know there is a heaven and for whom life on earth is seems like hell

all people should know there is a heaven

before heaven there is...


to keep us focused on what has to be done all future entries will be kept strictly to things that need to be done or known to take us to achieving our goal