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an event which occurred some time before... days, weeks and even years, and which becomes the main theme or sub theme of a current dream

see also informative dreams


it was obvious from the beginning that dream theory was going to be a big one which was going to grow and grow

the completion of this theory is not going to happen in our lifetimes

isn't it just typical of love/life to package the expression of freedom, the realization of aspirations and the experiencing of seemingly unfulfillable desires in a tiny fraction of time we call rem

there is little doubt that one of the more significant advances that will occur during this millennium will be an understanding of ourselves

insights will flow from dream theory which will seem like revelations

our perception of reality will slowly adjust to the surreal nature of straight line action

as it does the distinction between what we are experiencing now in dreams, assuming you are enjoying your dreams, as that ever-looming-larger-than-life reality takes root in our soul the distinction between the unconscious and the conscious will merge

( you do know there's no sleeping in heaven )

whatever it is that makes rem necessary in our lives at the moment it will be superseded as our spirit matures

those wholesome and delightfully enjoyable experiences in dreams will become part of our waking state and the distinction between the dream world and the real world will become entwined

dreams and dream theory is destined to have as great a contribution to our knowledge of our selves as quantum theory did in the understanding of physics

see also the nervous system