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tragedy     14th  december

17th november

change     21st october

past, present and future     20th october

love     19th october

conciousness     18th october

the writer     18th october

recurrence     17th october

1 x 1 ^ 11     16th october

attunement     15th october

page 1     14th october

consciousness     13th october

poetic license     12th october

personal picture pages: war room hostage     11th october

politics 10th october

pi     10th october

politics     9th october

personal picture pages: point of rejection     9th october

politics     8th october

metabolic maintenance     8th october

politics     7th october

education     7th october

politics: the three party interpretation     6th october

the conjugates and the conjugate positions of life     6th october

politics     5th october

pre-heavenly orientation     5th october

politics     4th october

eternity     4th october

politics     3rd october

earthly evolution     3rd october

politics: the three party interpretation     2nd october

golden years     2nd october

page 35     1st october

politcs     1st october

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