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the beginningless and the mechanism of reality

for an incomprehensible moment nothing was

( the way the word nothing is being used here represents the end of language )

however, it is not possible to be nothing

it doesn't make sense in language to say " i am going to be nothing "

the word being and the word nothing are nonsensical when used in the way given in the example in the line above

they exclude each other

( are mutually exclusive )

it is not possible to be and not be at the same time

not even eternity can pull off that trick

as it is in our language so it is in reality

the consequence of zero as the absolute is that, instantly, everything that can exist materialized

all that came into existence in that moment of immediacy following the incomprehensible beginningless gained its existence as a result of  being the consequence of the absolute of nothing

for it all to make perfect sense all we have to say now is that there is a continual regeneration of reality via the mechanism of the absolute reaffirming its place as the beginningless and it giving rise to all that can be in an infinitely fast manner

and so, as quickly as everything that can exist materialises it dematerialises and then again, an infinitely small consideration of anything that the mind can dwell upon reoccurred

and this is the mechanism of reality

being and not being happening infinitely quickly

if this theory is correct it has been that way for eternity past and it will be the same for future eternity

this way of thinking about how things are is supported by bell's theorem of interconnectedness which proves that all of reality is connected faster than the speedof light

now we can speculate...

it currently makes most sense to think that all that can be came into being in a moment as a one dimensional straight line and that the moment be thought of as having an infinitely small time value and that further everything else that can be has to comply with the basic characteristic of linear form

or... everything that can be exists in an infinitely small triangular packages and that each package is adjoined to its surrounding packages and this arrangement extends throughout all of reality


be mindful here

in trying to explain reality all we can ever have is a purely theoretical model

neils bohr was emphatic on this point... "there is no quantum world. there is only an abstract mathematical description"

bear this in mind and be ready to junk any idea that occurs to you

many physicists are convinced that string theory, which falls into this category, is the way things really are

the biblical phrase " in the beginning... " has been, in some part, the reason why a rationale hasn't been formulated that has allowed the reasoning being given here to occur in the minds of thinkers in ages past

that and the homicidal enforcement, through the inquisition, that the bible is the word of god and was not to be questioned

but that's the past

the future is emerging

start thinking afresh

there was no beginning




part 2: the infinitely fast and the infinitely slow

5th - 29th august

somewhere back there the discontinuity of the infinitely fast became the continuity of the infinitely slow

this may be the start of what we call consciousness and memory

it might also be the point at which life began to experience dimensions

the thought may cross the readers mind that if reality is coming into and going out of existence in an infinitely fast manner how can there be time for anything other than that reality to exist ?

the latest definition of time is... relativistic time and absolute time

in picture pages: the first , what we refer to as life or consciousness can be seen as having a position

position in turn implies space but from the picture it looks like life's movement is fashioned by the mechanism of reality

the picture may throw some light on one of the earlier stages of infinitely slow continuity

picture page 1, which is the first picture of life's history that doesn't need any interpretation, shows him in the second dimension and able to articulate thoughts

a distinction between continuity and infinitely slow continuity can be made

the original idea that continuity can be viewed as the mathematical function of 1 x 1 ( pages 9 and 10 ) as being that which links each individual moment of materialization can be kept

keep in mind that no matter how convincing a presentation of reality anyone can come up with it will be purely speculative

the only thing we know about the quantum world at the moment is that it is connected faster than light

any theory about a sub planck time reality must contain this fact

if it doesn't it's destined to sink without a trace


the following considerations are, currently, ideas that appear to have to be thought about to produce a formulation that can make it make sense...

both the infinitely fast and the infinitely slow must be contextualized within the concept of eternity...

the infinitely fast is a variant which was a " one off " event...

that the infinitely slow is an accumulation or consequence of infinitely fast least realities

(which will have a mathematical description)...

the infinitely slow is the dissipation of the infinitely fast...

that the infinitely slow is a subjective experience...

the infinitely fast is an absolute of reality and remains a constant within the context of eternity and infinity...



part 3: shape

it is thought that the shape life became was fashioned by the environment it was in

picture pages: the first shows life without form

in picture page 1 he is man shaped


with so many shapes it could have been why did life become our shape, man shaped

the man shaped beings shape, it is suggested, is the way it is because it can't be any other way

this shape, it is proposed, is the only shape that reality can give rise to that allows the mathematical function of 1 x 1 to continue without end

the parameters for movement had become part of its being before becoming man shaped

this is the pre dimensional part of life's evolution

( the greatest single period was mechanicality )

the function of 1x1 during this period is thought of as what we call life, or sentience, or consciousness, or god, evolvingor changing while experiencing oftherange of the limits that the mechanism of reality imposes on an endless function

( where the absolute metes out suffering with an indifference that is absolute and a sentience that can only comply )

the parameters for movement were formed by these experiences and they are more thoroughly ingrained into its being than is the electric charge of an electron

for something to have endless motion and or endless change of its position it has to be man shaped

any other shape would not have that capacity

extra arms or legs would, as future lifestyles will reveal, only restrict the man shaped being from attaining continuing evolutionary forms

the man shaped being is an extension of shape and motion

the man shaped being is reality with sentience in motion at full strength


at the moment there is no explanation at all as to why reality produced the man shape

there may be an inroad into an understanding by considering the fact that two's and five's have a predominance in its make up

2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, 2 ears, 5 fingers, 5 toes, the brain has two halves...



part 4: space

it is going to be guessed that the crossover point between the discontinuity of the infinitely fast and the continuity of the infinitely slow was at that point in life's history when it began to experience dimensions, which demands space, and that possibly memory of experience didn't occur until space existed for it

picture pages: the firstdoesn't suggest thought or any form of communication



part 5:

flat space

it is the case that euclidean geometry applies to the universe

there is a gap in understanding here

there are no clues at all as to when or how long it took for the the lover to go from having the man shaped form to having a straight lined shape

no doubt within our lifetimes we will have a time table that shows when the main changes in our characters and shape happen within each undulation

it is currently thought that picture page 3 is him, as a non euclidean shaped entity ( man shaped ), being subject to a flat space environment and the next picture chronologically is picture pages: happiness

it is also possible that it is a circumstance reality forced on him

either way, it must have been necessary for life to change its form so that that the experiencing of space could be continued into infinity

these insights into life's history should be subduing any egotistical notions a person has about themselves



part 6: the lover ( god )

compelling-inventive-sacrificially love

this section could have been called pluralism but that description wouldn't do justice to what was and still is the most significant event of eternity



part 7: the mistake

parts 1-6 would be general knowledge to everyone at this point of time of evolution had the mistake not occurred

murderous activity and murders wouldn't be part of our thinking or our reality, nor would pain

women wouldn't be having periods

all those things we consider as disagreeable social interaction wouldn't exist for us either

macho man may consider that life like that is too sugary-sweet for him and he doesn't want an existence where " manliness " can't exhibit itself

unless macho man is harbouring a death-outcome assertion he'll come around

we would have begun living in space a million years ago...




part 8 : the endless

for the mammal class of man shaped beings ( ourselves ) this undulationthe numbers on earth are...

100 000 000 000 people


1 000 000 years

( only 1000 years to go )


for all classes of beings traversing the straight line this undulation the numbers are...

100 000 000 020 beings


1 ^ 83 000 years


for the mammal class of being ( ourselves ) the numbers on earth in future undulations

( as a working number, until greater accuracy is achieved through the formulating of genetic theory, a very loose figure of 1 000 000 undulations seems a sensible amount of time to allocate for each new couple to orient themselves and achieve fulfilment )

will be...

100 000 000 000 people

( each of whom will have attained heaven in a previous undulation )


1 000 000 - 5000 000 000 years

in the same way that our mammalian evolution coincided in part with dinosaur man it is thought that eventually man shaped beings of different classes will be able to co-evolve during the formative stages of taking on human characteristics

that is as we become able to talk and laugh and play and think about what it is we are thinking

the pace of evolution will certainly have to pick up to enable another 100 000 000 000 individuals as well as the 20 or so couples to emerge before the sun swells and becomes a red giant and prevents any more life from forming

as well as the 100 000 000 000 individuals of the 1st generation ( picture page 4) it is currently thought there are about 20 couples who emerge this undulation

three of those couples will be from the mammal class

it is thought that the dinosaur class will have either twice as many couples as ourselves or half as many and the next class of being that evolves, in approximately 25 000 000 years, will fit into this pattern of doubling and halving

it is also possible that it is one more couple every million or so undulations for all classes


this is one of many pieces of the jigsaw of our understanding that will fit together when we are in communication with our man shaped dinosaur cousins

incidentally, our man shaped dinosaur cousins are extremely keen to begin a dialogue with us

there is so much they could enlighten us on in just a few days


for all classes of beings, for as many undulations as the writer can make sense of, the number of man shaped couple's that evolve on earth is...

50 00000000000000000000

( 10000000000000000000000 individuals )


5000 000 000 years

where it goes from there is anybody's guess

it's not certain that the lover knows

we can be fairly certain that each undulation we take a run at infinity in a slightly expanded qualitative state

before you try to guess at what eternity holds in store for us try this exercise...

the lover, in the first instance, began expanding or continuing the function of 1 x 1 by introducing two beings who were/are to all intents and purposes one

this manifested itself in earthly evolution as the dinosaur class of being

( it is thought, although not known, that the comng-to-be of the physical sexual characteristics of both female and male are acts of love that were/are performed in heaven and that those acts of love take on the physical form of genitalia when applied to earthly evolution )

now; who amongst you wants to marry a woman without hair or breasts ?

( to be fair to dinosaur woman her skin is silky smooth and were you to meet her tomorrow her personality is so appealing it would stun you )

the next acts of love enacted in heaven that were significant to continuing or expanding the function of 1 x 1 resulted in the physical attributes of mammal woman

( head hair and breasts )

now try to add two physical attributes to a mammal woman that would make her so physically appealing that the thought of marrying a mammal woman without those two new physical attributes is as unattractive an idea to you as marrying a woman without hair or breasts

and this enhancing of physical attributes is going to happen to all of 1st generation which means it is going to happen another 100 000 000 000 - 2 times

again it is thought, though not known, that the next earthly manifestation of those acts of love at which time it is possible that

end of summary

25th - 27th september

(archive )

the idea that life came from the beginningless and through to the time between picture page 2 and picture page 3 in a non-flat space environment keeps on presenting itself

let's go with it for a while...

immediately the contrast between life as the man shaped being and life in euclidean shape starts to make sense

the contrast of the throw-it-together shape of a four limbed being and the staggering beauty of shimmering geometrical shapes moving in infinity

( which is not an iota less than what he deserves for the experiences of eternity past )

makes sense, pleases the mind and soul as well as fitting in with all the picture pages

also this view dismisses the difficulties in trying to formulate the notion that the big bang is the manifestation of all that can be

it further means that it is the lover brings the universe into being

( it is currently suspected that this is done by causing the inherent motion in life to come to a stop )

and he/we are not governed in time by the mechanism of the infinitely fast exchange of zero and infinity as was beginning to be thought

two concepts need to be explored


that consciousness is attached to one quon and it accumulates energy with each new manifestation of infinity


that consciousness is the accumulated difference or differences

( due to the impossibilty of being able to pinpoint a position within infinity )

of energy that occurs with each new manifestation of reality

29th august 2010 - 20th september 2010

at this point more than one avenue seems to be leading to the answer

there is no reason why someone reading this can't be the first to get it

the main points of this theory are...

realities inability to define time and place in an absolute way

( the uncertainty principle )

it is thought that the reason for this is because if place or position was fixed in relation to infinity then there would be two absolutes

the thought occurs that there are two absolutes

one for the beginningless and one for the endless

perhaps position can be fixed in absolute time

now the definition of eternity becomes...

the inter-dependency of the beginningless and the endless

( the beginngless is the contemplation of the when and the endless is the consideration of the where )

it is conceivable that infinity caused zero and that means a completely new formulation is necessary

it makes most sense at the moment to let zero precede infinity

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5th august - 20th october 2010

in terms of sequence it is...

zero, absolute time, substance and then the mathematical function of 1 x 1

currently it is thought that the least thing that can happen ( planck's postulate ) is as close as zero can come to producing an absolute

now, how does1 ^ - 43 of a second become 1 ^ 100 + years ?

11 - 13 october 2010

no one quon aligned to any other quon or quons ( is this where the man shaped beings shape originated ? man shaping space )

at the end of an absolute time ( when one planck time has elapsed ) reality produces a linear structured reality minus an exact point of reference

multiplying just two positions into infinity

all possible motions occurring in an absolute time but without location

5 th august - 6 th october

within the framework of the above definitions, and in conjunction with all the picture pages, the following points are the basis for theorizing...

the essence of what we call life is either an individual quon or a collection of quons or is attached to all quons

it is an ethereal manifestation of absolute time

it is an ethereal manifestation of position

it is an ethereal manifestation of a conjugate of absolute time and position

it is that aspect of reality that does not have and cannot have an absolute feature

1 x 1 is the experience or connection between zero and each manifestation of infinity

zero is the absolute

zero cannot have anything added to it nor can anything be taken from it

zero's inability to fix an absolute position for infinty

( the variations in movement that the uncertainty principle demands may be as close as zero can get to making infinity an absolute )

infinity is fixed in absolute time but not in position

it can be viewed that the where was the first aspect of reality that had to be established and that substance and absolute time are necessary to accomodate the where


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