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27th september 2011



ed miliband is plan b

the austerity measures brings about a backlash of opinion against the government

a split between the conservatives and the liberals will be stage managed

a general election will be called

labour are returned to government with ed milband as the leader

britain will then be in safe jewish hands





day by day          1st april 2011

convincing testimony of murder has come out of libya

the same old arguments are being made in the defence of committing murder...

even more murders would happen if the actions being taken weren't taken

three points


two wrongs don't make a right


we don't know for certain that children would have been killed if we had not started bombing but we do know for certain they have because we did


we've got to become murderer's so we can stop others from becoming murderer's

( if that isn't an insane rationale what is )

see also... day by day          26th march 2011

day by day          31st march 2011

things aren't going as quite the way the oligarch's expected in libya

gaddafi is of course wise to ways of the dead

in 1997 five females and a male were sent to benghazi to spread aids. click the link for more on this    

although they succeeded in infecting more than 400 children, before these messengers of death could finish what they were doing their death outcome mission was discovered and they were sentenced to death

after ten years of imprisonment the oligarch-affiliated british petroleum used its influence to gain access to libyan oil. click the link for more on this   

it all ended amicably when france gave gaddafi more than £1 000 000 000 to spend and a £7 000 000 000 deal was struck

click the link for more on this   


it took a while get to the truth of this story

the first dozen or so searches all said the same thing... the messengers of death were all completely innocent and the women were tortured and raped before they confessed

the writer asks you to be weary of the english and french oligarch-controlled media

...for when they speak a lie they speak their own tongue. they are liars and their ancestors are the father of lies

the libyan terrorist bombing of the plane over lockerbie was also an oligarch contrivance

day by day          30th march 2011

because united nations resolution 1973 specifically says that ground troops cannot be used

 ( there is already talk of getting around this by getting those countries that border libya to intervene. egypt saw this one coming and have avoided being drawn in )

and because jewish financiers ( oligarch's ) need libyan oil, britain and france and america will have to supply the rebels ( al qaeda in the islamic maghreb ) with the arms to defeat gaddafi

as in iraq there will be those who will use violence

( suicide bombers are exclusively an oligarch tool )

to keep libya in turmoil and make sure no that no significant political parties arise who will attempt to revive libyan indepedence

al qaeda in the islamic maghreb came into being because france, who control algeria's military regime, annulled algeria's elections in 1992, when, through democratic elections, a moderate islamic political group was about to take power

france is controlled by the jewish financial oligarch's

iran would work with an islamic government in algeria

iran is completely aware of the jewish financiers global strategy

algeria has the 14th largest reserves of oil in the world and has as much gas as brazil

between them libya, algeria and iran have 14% of the worlds oil and 17% of the worlds gas

once the rebels have control of libya it will just ba a matter of feathering the nest's of a few of the regimes top men and wallah ! the financier's have the 7th largest oil field in the world on the cheap

the lives that will be lost means nothing to them

now bear in mind that the current global strategy is to divide and conquer and gain more control by getting christians and muslim's at each others throats and that the jewish financial oligarch's and jewish financial oligarch's are fully capable of starting a world war to further their aims

those who want more life this undulation need to consider what the global goals of the jewish financiers are and what it means to your genetic lineage over the next forty generations

this web site must ask you to consider that when libya's oil is in the jewish financier's hands their next objective will be iran and quite possibly a world war that will keep christian's and muslim's killing each other for generations

the jewish financiers are devolving beings

they think and see the world in a different way to an evolving being

when they interact with life they produce death

it is their nature

p.s. be sure to make the distinction between jewish zionist's and ordinary jew's

day by day          29th march 2011

it's only just starting to dawn on the heirarchy of the american military that the people who started the violence against gaddafi may not be ordinary people but were/are al qaeda in the islamic maghreb

it was obvious from the start that the images we were seeing on the telly were fake

the very people who america see as being the enemy are the same people who have fooled america into doing their killing for them

who's giving the american's their military intelligence ?

the americans are so gung ho in their desire to express their death outcome assertions they are ready to believe whatever intelligence it is that allows them to send in the calvalry

there are those in the hierachy of the american military who will plunge the world into war

for crying out loud mr obama if your going to plunge the world into war over iran's oil we want the facts that are being presented to the military hierachy and yourself

you do have a choice. resign and say why you're resigning in your resignation speech

the put-together-on-the-go blurry, video clips with the totally inaccurate voice-overs that has convinced the average joe about the libyan war is just not good enough

mass murder is being committed on the strength of them

the american intelligence were told by at least a dozen countries before the twin towers atrocity that something like it was being planned

the problem is they're so mentally lazy, so complacent their feelings of invulnerability let it happen

come the year 3000 the bereaucracy will have a complete lineage of the people between now and then and science will have completed the genome map

have your say now " representatives " of the people

the writer will have his later

day by day          28th march 2011

what can concerned people do about the situation in libya ?

the libyan war is the lead story on the 6 o' clock news

they're not even trying to disguise that the use of our military is to aid the rebels getting gaddafi out

with gaddafi gone they will be able to put in a regime that will not be so generous with the money that's spread throughout the population there and the saved money can be diverted to the treasury of britain, france and america

it will also mean there is only one major oil field left to gain control  of...  iran

make no mistake they will take the world to war to get it if they have to

" they " are the financiers and those aligned to them

they're not concerned about the suffering they cause

these people are devolving and since 1999 when the word perdition was used they know it

the use of the word perdition sent a shudder through their ranks and sent them on an even more reckless path

( the twin towers atrocity was a direct response to the use of the word perdition )

the twin towers " spectacular " was the start of a russian conceived strategy of pitting christian against muslim

they intend causing as much unnatural death as they can get away with

the only thing the financier's care about is their money

so hit them where it hurts... in the pocket

buy only german and japanese products

day by day          27th march 2011

currently the leading news item is the violent protests in london

the pictures show an overturned dustbin with its rubbish on fire and a 1 second video clip of a civilian being pushed by a policeman

the voice-over says two hundred protesters were arrested and thirteen policemen were injured

sounds like a civil war looks like any other day

it is of course designed to take the attention away from the real news of half a million people demonstrating about the latest affects of currency debasement on their lives

currency debasement is the practice of lowering the value of the currency by printing more money without increasing the amount of goods available or substituting descent goods for goods of a poor quality

more people with more money with the same amount of goods on the shelves means decent goods have to go up in price since decent goods take more time and more people and resources to produce

if you don't do that you have the nightmare scenario of having a barrow full of money but nothing to spend it on

( germany 1933 )

as much money as is needed will be used to pay for an army of civil servants who try make sure a financial system a thousand years old keeps on working

all the while taxes are being paid to the treasury who buy goods that don't depreciate for an elite few... gems, gold, silver, works of art, furniture that lasts for generations,  houses that will stand for a thousand years, clothes that don't start falling to pieces after a couple of dozen washes etc., and to indulge in a lifestyle for an elite few ( less than one in a thousand ) that employs dozens of people for an evenings entertainment and of course their own private doctors

this isn't the writer voicing the politics of envy

this is the writer voicing the politics of common sense, decency, fair play and love

the lover has arranged things so there are all the things we need to be happy and healthy

( and it is still yet to be appreciated what he had to do give us what we have )

it makes the writer as mad as hell see psychopathic loveless people robbing ordinary decent people of their birthright

the current situation in libya is a consequence of the loveless living a lie

and the heroes of ordinary people on the silver screen and on the sports fields are paid huge amounts because the loveless know that it's hypocritical of ordinary decent people to denounce their lifestyle while admiring their heroes

and the telly advertises items ordinary decent people can't afford but because it's on the telly and their heroes have them it must be alright to live that way

nature can't give everybody a house on every continent and a yacht and their own jet and...

it just ain't possible

many people have to die so some people can live like that

see also the world wage

these examples are some of the strategies that are used by the loveless

this is also the strategy of the the federal reserve*

the primary reason for its success is the inability of most people to understand that more is not necessarily better*

the linear connection between the rothschilds and the bank of england, and the london banking houses which ultimately control the federal reserve banks through their stockholdings of bank stock and their subsidiary firms in new york*

the two principal rothschild representatives in new york, j. p. morgan co., and kuhn, loeb & co*

the british crown, or the british monarchy is the owner of the federal reserve*

this is their real secret*

*acknowledgement to wayne n. krautkramer

day by day          26th march 2011

currently the news is focusing on events in trafalgar square

the priority to give greatest exposure to violence is a characteristic of the bbc

 it is part of a ploy to keep people feeling insecure and thus easier to control and because violence excites the mind set that is at the heart of the bbc

day by day          25th march 2011

the first casuality in war is the truth

this web site is slowly unravelling the real reasons for the war in libya

the murders that are happening in libya are because the financiers of britain, france and the united states want libya's oil. see the federal reserve 


in the first instance all people of the world fall into one of two groups


the ethically oriented and ethically orienting who see their first duty is to avoid, at all costs, taking the life of a child. see responsbility


and secondly actively devolving who are, for one reason or another, able to justify taking the life of a child


as this is being written the main rationale being given by the bbc media for justifying murder is that it will save even more murders from happening

we'll come back to that but first consider...

after taking the life of a child four things have happened


the act has become permanently imprinted into the fabric of reality. see the philosophical implications of quantum theory


the person or persons who took the decision to take the life of one child to save the lives of many cannot say, for all eternity and before the lover, " i have never taken the life of a child "

( it's not other people that restrict your freedom of speech it's yourself )


the child would have gone on to have children of her own and her children would have had children and so on

so it's not just one life that has been taken out of existence but hundreds and possibly thousands

it can be seen then that to take the life of one child is to commit mass murder


the child is part of evolution with the opportunity of being born again and again and... each rebirth is longer and better the the last. see genetic theory and recurrence


so to commit murder has four different and profound consequences to the child and the descendants that would have been

the loss of one small person that would have had many lives that stretch into a love-length

some simple arithmetic will reveal that the amount of time lost to the child outnumbers the amount of time that all people alive today will live for

to take the life of one child is a greater loss to love/life than to kill all people on earth !

also the person or persons who made the murder happen have forfeited their place in heaven


as to the justification for killing children to save the loss of even more children

this point of view exists because contemporary mammal man has not yet evolved to the point where maxim 1 is part of his being

let's play the devils advocate and pretend we believe the bbc

we want to stop the act of simple murder because we know it will lead to murder

so we send in a camera crew, operated by soldiers, with every company and as many company's as is thought necessary

the soldiers are in personnel carriers that are more robust than tanks

they have gun barrels but they will not be shooting shells instead they will be shooting a nerve gas that puts every living thing to sleep for a few hours

when the protaganists have been knocked out by the gas they are disarmed and trussed up

the reason this type of solution isn't being considered is because those affiliated with the federal reserve are at various stages of devolution and for such beings violent solutions are always the preferred way of resolving problems, besides we're only pretending, THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND THOSE IN CAHOOTS WITH THE FEDERAL RESERVE WANT TO GET THEIR HANDS ON THE OIL


at the moment the bbc, who are aligned to the federal reserve, have just said that their isn't one shred of hard evidence to back up gaddafi's claim that civilians are being killed

this web site is bound to point out that there is no verifiable hard evidence to back up the bbc's claim that gaddafi's forces are on a murderous rampage either

if they had it would have been presented

this web site has been watching events in libya unfolding on the telly for the last week and hasn't seen a single bit of evidence that backs up the claim of the bbc

to see how easy it is to compile a video clip and say something that is a downright lie and get people to believe it when those aligned to the federal reserve ( in this case sanhedrin ) are in control of the bulk of the world's media by clicking the link 

this web site has got to put it to you that the federal reserve and the media corporations aligned to it are lying through their teeth and, even more worryingly, most ordinary people are believing them

who are you going to believe ?

day by day          22nd march 2011

 the first casuality in war is the truth

( this entry is being written while watching a recording of the news 1 hour after it was shown on the telly )

this web site maintains that the murders that are happening in libya are because of oil

below is a list of the ten countries that have the most oil

the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th is already controlled by the federal reserve and those aligned to it and 8th and 9th on the list are controlled by the oligarchs

1 saudi arabia has 267 000 000 000 barrels of oil

2 iraq has 180 000 000 000 barrels of oil

3 canada has 179 000 000 000 barrels of oil

4 iran has 138 000 000 000 barrels of oil

5 kuwait 104 000 000 000 barrels of oil

6 venezuela has 99 000 000 000 barrels of oil

7 united arab emirates has 98 000 000 000 barrels of oil

8 russia has 60 000 000 000 barrels of oil

9 kazakhstan has 47 000 000 000 barrels of oil

10 libya has 41 000 000 000 barrels of oil


tripoli controls the water and energy to benghazi which is strategically important for servicing the oil. sooner or later troops must take control on the ground in tripoli

gaddafi is the figure head he must go

as in the iraq in 1990/1991 a war of attrition ( weeks/months of sustained night bombing ) is being pursued

libyan oil money is needed by the federal reserve/british/french financiers

british and french special forces ( 5th column ) are already in libya

day by day          21st march 2011

the first casuality in war is the truth

( this entry is being written while watching a recording of the news 3 hours after it was shown on the telly )

they're at it again

this one is a film clip about 25 seconds long and has 7 scenes

the first four scenes last for 13 seconds and are of a bombed out building

scenes 5, 6 and 7 are also 13 seconds long

scene 5 is of children and scene 6 is of a mother and her child

the voice-over of scenes 5 and 6 is saying "  with the concerns over civilian casualities and the use of human shields the... "

as the writer watched it the first time he immediately associated the words " ...use of human shields... " with the children and the mother and her child in scenes 5 and 6

so now what's happening is that the despicable gadaffi is using children and babies as human shields

the point of " human shields " is being drummed up and looks like it's going to be the main justification for implementing part of a strategy that will allow money-thirsty britain and france sending troops into the eastern part of the country ( the oil must flow )

 these exact same media tactics were used in the second oil war against iraq in 1990/1

( the first oil war was the 1914-1918 world war )

there is one guaranteed-to-inflame-the-feelings phrase that hasn't been used yet

it's probably being saved to justify sending the ground troops into the western part of the country

have mentioned it to one person and if it is used will see if the person is prepared to stick his head above the parapet and back me up

( for the oligarch's to have complete control within libya gadaffi has got to go )

day by day          20th march 2011

the first casuality in war is the truth

( this narrative is being written while watching a recording of the news ten hours after the events are happening )

at the moment the recording is showing a meeting of heads of state in paris sitting down to lunch in grand surroundings and there is lots of smiling and some laughter

correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't it just a few days ago when susan rice, the american foreign policy advisor who is also the u.s.'s ambassador to the united nations, was so aghast at the sight of gadaffi in a happy state as the oligarchs presentation of the events in libya was occurring, that she concluded that his happiness was a sign that he is detached from reality ( a polite way of saying he is insane )

her mini speech was used several times by the oligarchs in the news and no doubt it convinced many people gadaffi was a nutter

yet here we are having a great time in paris while on the verge of committing mass murder for oil

the writer has been saying it for the last twenty five years and he will, no doubt, be saying it for the next twenty five years... " i'm surrounded by loonies "

day by day          19th march 2011

the first casuality in war is the truth

( this narrative is being written while watching a recording of the news ten hours after the events are happening )

a plane is shot down over benghazi *

the reports voice-over of the film-clip says  " ...there it is in the air. and moments later there's some firing and it will descend to the ground and burst into flames. "

after watching the clip a few times it can be seen that when the words " there's some firing " are said the plane is flying in one altitude in one direction and when the words " it will descend to the ground and burst into flames " the plane is flying across the screen in the opposite direction and is at a much higher altitude

there are two breaks in the continuity of the film clip

the time gap between the sound of the gun firing and the film clip of the plane falling to the ground could be minutes or hours

now that would explain why the jet was flying over the sky for an hour or more before it was " shot down "... there had to be the sound of real guns firing as the plane was flying overhead and it took a few attempts to synchronize the camera and the gun firing and the plane at the same time

( the guns themselves couldn't be seen and for all we know they weren't even pointed in the direction of the plane )

people who watched the film clip wont notice the discrepency and will accept as gospel what the commentators are saying

what happened was the plane ( which was of the planes that had defected a couple of weeks earlier ) was shot down by the anti gadaffi movement and the pilot died

( the first rule of assassination is to kill the assassin )

this bit of deception should not have been discovered

subsequent news items could then have carried the words " one of colonel gaffi's plane was shot down earlier today " which would have planted in the minds of the general public that gadaffi was blatantly flaunting the u.n. resolutions and deserves whatever he gets

there is undisputable evidence of a plane crashing to the ground but no reports of the plane dropping bombs or firing its guns

if it had there would have been screaming headlines

you'll notice the subtle mixture of truth and lies

it's easy enough to get people to go to war when you control the media of most of the world

this failed stunt has got all the hallmarks of the oligarchs

further, in the report of the plane being " shot down " the news reader excuses the news channel from an earlier report that said it was one of gadaffi's planes that had been " shot down "

what happened is that people other than the writer are aware of the oligarchs m.o. and made the facts known to a wider audience

i'll give you a hundred to one it wasn't the oligarch controlled bbc who discovered it wasn't one of gadaffi's plane

this bit of contrivance isn't one of the oligarch's better bits of deception

they can do much better job when they put their mind to it


*it didn't kill a child when it crashed to the ground

it did kill a child when it crashed and murder was committed which was a direct consequence of the u.n. " no-fly " resolution


the pilot can clearly be seen ejecting himself from the plane just before it hits the ground


the strategy of getting the muslim and christian faiths at each others throats is an oligarch conceived strategy


if you want to know who were in on the twin towers atrocity get some of the people who would normally have been at their desks on the day it happened but were absent on the day it did happen and hook them up to a lie detector and see what readings you get

you'll find non muslims were in on it


the libyan authorities invite outside observers to come and see for themselves what's happening on the ground in benghazi but no one has taken them up on this offer

the reason no one is sending observers is because the decision to get the oil was made by the oligarchs a month or two back and indeed it might even be the reason why the north african/middle east uprising is occurring in the first place

the end result of this process is the prize...  iran's oil and gas

all other main reserves of the worlds oil and gas are already under the oligarchs control


one of the sticking points in the contol of the earths resources will be when the african union gets wind of what they're up to

it looks like the oligarchs will meet with opposition over libya from the african states


you'll notice that there was film of a fleeting moment of a plane falling from the sky to but there is no film of gaddafi's lumbering tanks that are supposed to be occupying the streets of behghazi

does that strike you as odd ?


gaddafi mentions al qaeda in the islamic maghreb as being the movement behind what's going on

the writer asks you to consider, because of the film of the plane falling from the sky, that the oligarch structure is in on it too


zoologists currently think that the level of consciousness is the same for all beings but the perception of reality and the way it is thought about is different form species to species

this point is being injected into this entry to explain why devolving beings think the way they do

once a devolving being reaches a certain devolved state control through deception and violence becomes a natural way of doing things for them

this trait of violence and deception permeates the animal and insect kingdoms

the cuckoo immediately springs to mind


the fact that there isn't a camera crew in the area where the fighting is supposed to be occurring allows the news to be no more than someone's opinion of what is happening

( and they will of course be spinning the oligarch's web of deceit )

is the main criticism

( there seems to be a never ending stream of new faces on tap. possibly to give the face of the news credibility )

at the very least they could have two camera crews at the main towns somewhere other than libya

they're about to spend billions on a war, a few hundred thousand to get the facts right would be nice but then we could see for ourselves what's happening and they couldn't put a spin on it

original draught of this entry based on the first ten minutes of watching the recording


tread carefully, tread very carefully          14th march 2011

plato said " the truly responsible man avoids responsibility "

what he meant was that when someone takes decisions for or on behalf of another person or persons the consequences of those decisions become his responsibility

it swings both ways

life-enhancing outcomes and death outcomes

plato was thinking of the worst case situations


those familiar with the ethical theme at this web site will understand the profound need for not committing murder

it matters not whether a child is killed unintentionally or by mistake or...

the outcome is permanently embedded into the fabric of reality for all time, for all undulations

( murder outcomes are lessening in intensity each undulation but circumstances seem just as bad because our nervous sytems are becoming more finely attuned as circumstances allow )

you know before you initiate an action that the outcome is your responsibility

it doesn't matter who threw the first stone or which stone it was that caused the person to expire

every one of you calling for a " no-fly " zone will be guilty of murder because you know before it starts that when the american's and the french and the british start throwing bombs around children will be murdered

it can be understood that in the same way that one person can be responsible for one million deaths so too can one million people be responsible for one death


those following the events will have noticed that it is britain and france leading the charge for " justice "*

a few of you will also be aware that it is the economies of those two countries with the most to lose

they need libya's gas and oil to keep their economies buoyant

britain and france's imperial past is catching up with them

throw in the oligarch structure, jewish influences, the recent american greed-induced banking collapse and the death-outcome desires of the devolving into the mix and you have the 1990 iraq war starting all over again

once it starts murder is inevitable


be careful, be very careful politicians, media commentator's, and all of you who support the call for " humanitarian intervention " you are on the very verge of losing your soul

do the responsible thing and resign

* justice is lost when murder is committed in the pursuit of it

food for the body/food for the mind          17th february 2011

china is, as a responsible administration should be doing, lifting its population out of poverty and raising the quality of life for its people as a whole

this web site asks that the following view also be taken into consideration

a man shaped being that is properly nourished and doesn't hold the belief that each and every man shaped being contains the potential for an unending qualitative state opens up the possibility of the notion forming in their minds that everyone should enjoy life to the full since " we only live once " and that a person might regret not doing all  those things they could have done before their life ends

such an outlook will undoubtedly cause a person to do things they wouldn't otherwise have done and bring into existence circumstances that are unique because of that outlook as can be understood by appraising the implications of schrödinger’s cat

and the responsibility falls into someone's lap

consider criminal negligence and lying by omission

it could be that a person would be better off living in poverty with this knowledge than they would be living opulently without it

of course the best of all worlds would be reached if an entire nation were living on the world wage with this knowledge


anti-corruption       13-15th january 2011

china is voicing its concern about the growing corruption in its country

as this is being written the main news item is the flooding on two continents and the inference is that nature is an indiscriminating killer

in world where the federal reserve controls most of the media of the world the fact and the reasons for 10 000 children dying each day is deftly avoided

until all man generated child mortalities are quelled we are not going anywhere

nature will keep us grubbing around on earth until we get our priorities sorted


one interpretation of earthly evolution is that the caucasion ethnicity brings us to this point, the mongol ethnicity carries us forward for the next millennium and the negroid ethnicity completes our transition to a genuine ethical lifestyle 500 millimillennuim after that


to nip corruption in the bud china, it is suggested that a mobile telephone ( there's a design concept you might be interested in ) be developed that can be used to make transactions

put the card, or whatever form of identification is most versatile, in the phone and cyber transact it to the person standing next to you

the transaction wont take any longer than it does at the moment when shopping at the supermarket

cash permits too much shenanigans


the concern about the microwaves given off by a mobile being dangerous never seem to be settled

( it is noteworthy that all of the scientific research recommends that children do not use the phones because their bones are too soft and may not be able to stop the microwave's getting through to the brain. the only people who are adamant that there is no risk are people who represent the phone companies )

either they are not an health hazard or they are but bad publicity would affect sales

heaven forbid that company profits suffer, better that people do the suffering

not that the health issue would affect transactions since all the info would be on the screen

and of course there's always an earpiece to keep the phone away from the brain

when the new unnatural-death-designed-out habitation is up and running this and a whole raft of other problems will become the past


monitoring financial dealings will be relatively easy and it will certainly put an end to most, if not all, of the corruption

better by far than allowing corruption to flourish and having to execute or putting people in prison because of it

murder, whether at a person to person level or judicially administered, has got to come to an end


it was 2000 millimillennuim ago that a certain person said " why is it you call me lord but don't do what i ask "

don't shirk from or fear an authoritarian arrangement

the ultimate authority figure ( the lover ) is the biggest softie ever and neither he, nor the writer, ever takes a persons life

equally murderer's cannot pass through the writer and will never find themselves in his company

you don't fear the lover, you should be fearful of not knowing his love


when he looks at you the best and worst is mirrored back into him

it's not just that he " sees " into our souls but rather experiences what is there

the concept of " wholly empathic " may convey a sense of the mechanism that is love/life

every person and every set of circumstances that has ever existed or will exist here on earth and every conceivable scenario both desirable and undesirable off earth for the duration of a black hole ( 1 ^100 ) has been experienced by the lover

in terms of experience he is all of reality for a lov-len

it is not until you and your soul partner enter the heavenly state with your own unique characteristics that a desirable newness that can be experienced by him, and everyone else, is added to the reality brought into being by love/life

in the case of murder he experiences the pain, emotion, sounds, sights and smells up to that moment when consciousness ceases

would you want to experience murder every time you looked at a person ?

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