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this theory  is trying to formulate the why, the what, the where and the when of reality 

for reasons not yet understood reality has to answer the question " when is it ? "

the answer to the question " when is it ? " should also explain the how of our existence

as a narrative it goes like this...

the beginngless, zero, ...


 eternity (the beginningless and the endless) is a composition of nothing and the straight line (the why and the what) and does not have a characteristic of time

to be immutable in terms of position the straight line has to have a mutable comparative state (the where)

the comparative position has to mutate otherwise the consideration arises that the straight line changes position

does the mutable position have to occupy all previous positions before becoming a different new position (the when)

does the mutable position change in a linear or non linear fasion or both or some other way or both linear and non linear and some other way

the reasoning of this theory goes like this...

bell's theorem of interconnectedness has proven that the universe in its entirety is instantaneously connected to every other part

from bell's theorem has come a mathematical theory that indicates that the universe is flashing on and off - coming into and going out of existence - millions of times every second

it is fair to say that when the universe is out of existence there must be a physical state of nothing

we can now think of the beginningless as nothing and that in turn overcomes the problem of having to answer the question "how did it get there" since nothing doesn't need anything to put it there

then the reasoning is... nothing cannot be so reality gives rise to something that can be

the thing that can be endless is the straight line

the straight line as well as being the complimentary aspect to the bigininngless is also the answer to the question "what is it?*...ongoing


the next part of the reasoning is... reality cannot have two absolutes at the same time, which is also demonstrated by the uncertainty principle, so there has to be a time gap between nothing and something

this in turn answers the " question when is it ? "

the theory concludes with the suggestion that reality has to have an answer to the question " where is it ? " and, currently the thinking is, that energy is the answer to the question " where is it ? "

between them they answer all the interrogatives that reality needs to be an eternal scenario

so reality is put into four parts

zero, time, the straight line and energy

zero is the absolute

time is that which separates that which has no beginning and that which has no end

the amount of time that is needed to seperate the beginningless and the endless is given a value of 1 ^- of a second

this is the smallest amount of time that can exist and it is called absolute time

it makes sense to think that it is the smallest conceivable amount of time that seperates the beginningless and the endless from one another because any other amount of time, say a million years, produces the question why is there a time gap

the straight line is the absolute ofbeing

and that energy is the where

zero, absolute time and the straight line are always the same

zero, absolute time and the straight line are always the same

energy is an absolutevariation of being which can never be exactly be in exactly the same place twice

the theory can be written as a narrative and it goes like this...

zero ((the why) in not less than 1 ^ - of a second and not more than 1 ^ - 43 of a second gave way to the straight line (the what)

the straight line, for reasons not yet understood. requires a complimentary or relative state of being which is endless in every way

we're closing in on a theory of consciousness...

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the complimentary something has to be endless and timeless and...

position occurs at a different location every time the absolute of being manifests itself and that the change of location produces energy.

energy, once it has occurred, cannot be uncreated and that it accrues or accumulates unto or into itself new energy and so the energy content of the where only, and forever, increases

or possibly, all of the energy that can exist came into being when position was in its first place