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 recognizing that love/life is, through the mathematical function of 1 x 1, always bringing into existence the greatest quality of life for largest number of people and living accordingly

see also conscience

22nd march 2011

the murders have started in libya

it can be understood that one person can be responsible for the death of many people as in the example of serial killers

it can also be understood that many people can be responsible for the death of one person as in the case of a lynching mob

taking into account the oligarchs,the federal reserve, militarists, the politicians, media personnel,... of a dozen or more countries, a loose estimate of 10-100 000 people are guilty of the murders happening in libya

these people are not going to heaven

plato said " the truly responsible man avoids responsibility "

what he meant was that when someone takes decisions for or on behalf of another person or persons the consequences of those decisions become his responsibility

it swings both ways

life-enhancing outcomes and death outcomes

plato was thinking of the worst case situations

those familiar with the ethical theme at this website will understand the profound need for not committing murder

it matters not whether a child is killed unintentionally or by mistake or...

the outcome is permanently embedded into the fabric of reality for all time, for all undulations

it's not just because of what's happening here and now it's because that what's happening here and now is exactly, what happened at precisely this point of time last undulation and the undulation before that and the undulation before that and... it will also happen at exactly this point of time next undulation and the undulation after that and the undulation after that and...

there is a slight variation in the intensity of the violence as the most violently disposed of those who caused these murders slip into the past and are replaced by those who have a slightly less violent or watered down version of the death outcome assertion their forefathers had in their genetic structure

the time and place though is precisely the same

don't blame anyone other than yourselves

you were aware beforehand what the consequences would be































21st march 2011

so who, exactly, is responsible for the libyan war ?

in the very first instance it was the lover and 1st generation

it wasn't foreseen, it wasn't conceived, it wasn't thought, it never entered anyone's mind that reality would or could give rise to beings in whom the notion of not wanting to be would form (see the mistake)

it is currently thought, and this is an altruistic view, that it happened at that critical point in the formation of the brain of a unique being ( we are all unique ) when the pattern or basis of individuality was being formed or established

it is also possible that the notion of not wanting to be occurs sometime within universal time

if it did and does happen within universal time there are millions upon millions of different reasons why it did and does happen

the first example that comes to mind is that a person is at that point of evolution, say 1 ^27 years into universal time, when the nervous system and the brain are fully synchronized and the brain is about to fuse with the nervous system when the thought occurs

another example would be that a person is, say 1 ^50 years into universal time or a love-length, is so steeped in pleasure, and has been for what seemed like eternity, has never known anything else and the thought occurs of what existence would be like without pleasure

another example would be...


it is not yet understood what has to be done and the time it takes to re-establish the mathematical function of 1 x 1 once a being has chosen not to exist

23rd september 2009

it canít help but be noticed that the number of people who come to this web site varies according to the content of the entry

the entries that are viewed least are those that arenít full of happiness and wonder

any entry that contains anything less than a rosy outlook getís the thumbs down

in case it has hasnít been noticed all in the world's garden is not rosy

take a look at whatís going on in the world

the film slumdog millionaire depicts whatís going on in india

( the worldís largest shanty town )

a legacy of british imperialism

it is suspected that people who donít like to have to have their attention drawn to the woes in the world are the same people who are causing them

it comes down to the self before others ( lovelessness ) attitude every time

at least think about what the cause and effect of your actions are once in a while and how itís possible to alleviate most of the worlds problems by a slight change in our own lifestyles

love/life wants big changes that will lift the overall condition of most people

if there is no desire to join with the forward movement of the evolution of love/life then love/life will have no choice but to leave the loveless behind

the writer suspects that tomorrows statistics showing todayís views of this web site will be down