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 that period of time ( 1 ^100 years ) in different places throughout the cylcle time of the universe, during which people become ethically oriented and achieve fulfilment 











2nd august 2009

 space dream evolution: dream orientation

 space dream evolution: the dream begins 

 space dream evolution: stars end 

  space dream evolution: the awake dream 
















2nd august 2009

 it starts when we begin living in space

 ( when d-man picks us up )

 continues at the gathering place for 5000 000 000 years

 and then for a life length or for as long as the milky way galaxy has shining stars

 ( 1 ^15 years or so )

 and then goes on for a further 1 ^100 years





































 a reality that is more fantastic and more desirable than the best thing you have dreamt of or thought could be possible is destined to begin within five millenniums

 ( 3000 a.d. at the earliest and not later than 7000 a.d. )

 it is the continuation of the lifestyle you were already living or began to live when you came across this web site and realized that all you had to do to be part of it was to join with the writer and live within the realms of reality

 ( ethical parameters)

 a life with other people who you can't help but love 

 a life without pain or sadness

 a life where gaiety and laughter have been transcended by the growing pleasure of merely being and which only ever increases and never lessens

 where the anticipation of being in the heavenly state fills your senses with awe and wonder

 a growing understanding of the lover's love that intimidates, humbles, emboldens and thrills you

 this is just the start of space dream evolution



























 to date there are 350 000 000 000 galaxies known to exist. 1 ^100 years means you can visit them all




 of course you want heaven tomorrow 

 so does the writer

 so does the lover 

 so does every sane person

 but take a look around you

 the majority of people are living a lifestyle that contains death

 and the more freedom a being has the greaterthe circumstances there are for an individual to commitmurder 

 and that's why these seemingly too long time-lengths are necessary

 we have to imbue ourselves with traits that last forever

 it can't be done quickly






the galaxy we are in ( the milky way )






3rd september 2009

 space dream evolution has at least three purposes...


 the eradicating of degradation-to-life assertions or postulates before they manifest themselves


the strengthening of the spirit

 ( a description of the spirit is still being formulated in summary and wont be considered complete until it can be expressed in a way that a child can understand )

 to enable an endless more-life-outcome reality


 to give death outcome genetic configurations as great a quantitative existence as reality can contain

this has been written elsewhere but it seems to be forgotten much too easily

it only takes one second to fail

it will probably mean having to disassociate yourself , like the writer did, from those people who are living out of ethical parameters otherwise you'll find yourself being drawn into death outcome activities





3rd september 2009

space dream evolution can be thought of as that time after a life length has  passed

 it is not until the last of the stars have run their course

 (9 000 000 000 000 - 10 000 000 000 000 years)

and there is no light being emitted by any object that natural physical events brought into existence that space dream evolution begins in earnest

from that time on it is the interaction and cooperation and love between people that sustains them

 people who dream of being in heaven realize that now is as good a time as any to start the ball rolling and begin orienting themselves ethically









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