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this picture is the earliest record we have the of the lover's experiences of eternity past









it was originally called " in the beginning " but that title is misleading as it suggests there was a beginning, which there wasn't

it should help to develop a theory of consciousness

it shows what looks to be an energized quon, although it could be more than one, or indeed not substance at all but etherel energy, in a fixed position

it could be all of the etherel energy that the mechanism of reality has produced up until the time of the picture

more important than theorizing about imponderables is the need to develop a soul felt respect for the lover in general and an increased regard for the man shaped being in particular in the public consciousness

the way he looks in " picture pages:estrangement " should bring about the thought " if that's what our current way of living does to him why am i unconcerned that things are the way they are " in enough life-oriented people to produce the recognition that a change in the way things are isn't just something that would be nice but is something that is needed as much as their next meal

the lover is out of harms way in an inaccessible part of the ecosystem but what do you think he's doing as you read this

having a cup of tea

the pace of change is too slow





























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