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the mathematical function of 1 x 1

an intangible quantity that is able to experience substance


1 is seen as being all of the energy that already exists, plus the amount of energy created by the uncertainty principle every new undulation

it is thought that ethereal energy is a consequence of the uncertainty principle and is the where of the why the when the what and the where of reality



the least amount of energy permitted by the uncertainty principle each different planck time being generated and then being stored or held in abeyance until a certain critical level could cause a primitive motion to happen


the energy generated by the uncertainty principle is not energy that was caused by the movement of one or more quons but rather the energy generated by the uncertainty principle each different planck time is to be thought of as an ethereal quantity that can store the potential for movement and further that this ethereal quantity of existence is able to be any and every aspect of everything that can exist

this ethereal manifestation is what we call life or consciousness or sentience

before motion could occur for the mathematical function of 1 x 1 there had to be a build up of energy within it or for it

not until a minimum energy content had built up could movement occur, as is the case in quantum mechanics


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