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there are three international conflicts or conflicts of interests that need to be concentrated on…







10th october

there are three international conflicts or conflicts of interests that need to be concentrated on…








britain has half as many troops in afghanistan as the u.s.

between them they have more troops in afghanistan than the rest of the world put together

why the disproportion?

the writer realized some years ago the only mistake you can make when trying to work out what is going on is not to be cynical enough

one programme he watched this year showed a british seizure of what looked like 100-200 kg of partly refined opium

then consider the fact that during the vietnam war undercover operatives were bringing the heroin into the u.s. in the coffins of dead soldiers

the conclusion is that the military is being used for the trafficking of drugs

so political decisions are being made to send troops to stop the flow of drugs and then the oligarchs are channelling seized drugs back onto the streets via their own distribution system and getting the best out of a bad situation

or more cynically again

the commitment of troops is specifically to acquire drugs and increase profits by cutting out the middle men

see previous entries 5th october

9th october 


russia and france offering to help with iran’s uranium has sinister undertones

both counties are 2nd party members

both counties have offered to enrich iran’s uranium for them and bypass the need for iran to develop the critical technology in the uranium enrichment process that makes the uranium ready to be used in nuclear bombs

france was the country that annulled algeria’s elections a few years back when a muslim government was elected

russia was the mastermind behind the stratagem that led to iraq being bombed back to the stone age in  gulf war 1

whatever france and russia are it’s not friend’s of the muslims

to give the illusion of being diplomatic brokers so no one will suspect them of being involved in the fiendish plot that is going to cause the war that will set the muslim world against the great satan america and its allies is more like it

we find out within the next six months which side of the conjugate fence russia is sitting on

8th october

history will show that as many opportunities as possible were proffered in the attempt to bring as great a qualitative and quantative state to as many people as possible

however there are time limits

unless he receives other instructions this is the writers last entry to try and persuade the british oligarchy to join with love/life

the first reciprocative step that is expected from the british oligarchy is that they reimburse him for spoilt equipment and that the money be paid by the 20th of november

in return the writer promises not to spend this year east of the flood line

it needs to be completely understood that there will not be another attempt next year

next year, if the russian oligarchy is in the same frame of mind as the british, all the writers efforts from then on will be directed at laying the ground work for the years 2925-3000

7th october


the reason america is threatening iran is because america does what the jews tell them to do

the reason america does what the jews tell them to do is because the jews own the main bank in america which is called the federal reserve

to give you an idea of what’s going on…

the federal reserve reserve refuses to let an independent body look at its books

the reason no one is allowed to see their books is because if the rest of the world knew where the money that is propping up america is coming from the rest of the world would lose confidence in the banking system and the banking system would collapse

the money which is paying to keep the american economy functioning is dirty money!

(illegal arms deals, drugs money, prostitution etc.)

america, and consequently the rest of the world, is in the hands of the dirtiest hands of all… the bankers

5th october


the conflict in afghanistan is, as the politically aware know, about heroin

heroin is opium that has been refined (made stronger)


points to bear in mind…

in 2003 the illegal drug trade was 2-5% of the worlds wealth

it was then and is probably even more so now the third largest input of cash into the world economy

in 2003 oil was the first largest generator of wealth and the arms trade was second

(every 10-15 pounds in your pocket comes from illegal arms deals or illegal drug trafficking)

a substantial proportion of the dirty money that comes from drugs goes to the banks and the secret services who use it as slush money for bribery and corruption generally and to maintain the flow of the drugs specifically


the writer has tried heroin twice but didn’t find it as enjoyable as marijuana and didn’t feel the need to keep on using it

the conclusion is that the addictive characteristic of heroin is due to a persons mental disposition and physical make up

(genetic structure)

and before anyone gets on the writers case it should be known that the lover has told the writer, twice, to stop taking marijuana *

it was the only thing the writer didn’t do that he was told to do

like the rest of you even when the writer is informed that something is out of character with love/life he doesn’t always take the advice

at least it is something that is only harmful to the person who is taking it (unless we take the genetic factor into account)

how many of you reading this have stopped using their car?

or reduced how much money they spend on themselves

* it was originally thought that the reason he didn't want me using marijuana was because it was setting a bad example

thenit was thought it that the reasons for his insistence that i don't use it is because when it is smoked it is highly cancerous

eventually it became clear that there was a much more important psychological affect to take into consideration

he wasn't  happy to compromise and gave me permission to eat and drink it...  in 2011 his response to "is it alright to eat it" was a reluctant "i suppose so"

as is sometimes the case, the affects of the drug "scrambles" a persons train of thought and has the popular term "the paranoia's" is attached to the experience

when it last happened in 2008 the voice was "remember this time" and the time before that in 2007, it was an emphatic "no more blow"

what the actual affects are, the affects hat the lover is anxious to avert, isn't known

the writer is becoming more subtley attuned to his will nowadays (january 2014) and has been prompted to clarify the lover's stance on this issue

currently then... if you've got to take it, and eating and/or drinking it brings about a "scrambling" of the thoughts or "the paranoia's" then it's not for you

4th october


iran is no.1 on sanhedrin's hit list for more than one reason

they have large amounts of natural resources and aren’t as easy to make or break via the financial structures

they’re aware of sanhedrin's real global agenda and are actively opposed to it

they’re too close to becoming a nuclear power for sanhedrin's comfort

they have international ballistic capability


3rd october


when barrack obama was made president this year american oil interests were no longer represented by an american president

{george w bush)

for those who want to understand it should be known that the bush family is the or one of the most powerful dynasties in america

their wealth comes from their involvement with oil

when sadam hussein, following a third party stratagem, invaded kuwait the president of america at that time was the father of the president bush who was replaced by barrack obama earlier this year

because  of the bush dynasty’s oil interests in iraq the president bush at the time had no option but commit america to war, as the third party knew he would, to protect the interests of the oil industry on which the bush dynasty’s own wealth depends

as soon as the conflict started the stock market speculators stepped in, drove up the price of oil, and made another type of killing on the financial markets

the more a person researches on the internet the stronger the realization becomes that finding someone who isn’t susceptible to the lure of money is next to impossible

you can thank god that there is someone in the white house who isn’t going to go to war to maintain his personal wealth and is bringing some sanity into the world

the stated policy of the current american president is to withdraw all forces from iraq by 2011

the world will then become a safer place

those of you who are just starting out in life and are becoming money oriented

war is the eventual result of that outlook and at the least you will have to experience the unnatural deaths your lifestyle is creating and if it is as grim as the writer thinks it may be this is your last opportunity to stop the rot


1st october

the 2nd party seem to have no other goal than to want to control people

the 3rd party are characterized by an almost admirable ability to deceive through the use of elaborate stratagems

here in britain they have links with sanhedrin and if the marriage of convenience isn’t money then it’s possible there’s an even more shadowy 4th party exists


this three party picture of the world would tie together neatly if it wasn’t for the tu 144 incident

unless  britain and france have decided to "go it alone"

their ego’s are certainly big enough

29th september

the 3rd partys strategy is an accumulation of wealth as opposed to the generation of wealth

sanhedrin doesn’t see a need to share and more than that their objective is that the bulk of the wealth remains in the hands of a few and further that the wealth is used to maintain an elitist structure

the time in which a person has to repent is lot less than is realized

less than it was at this point of time last undulation and more than it will be at this point of time next undulation

28th september

the 1st party has as its strategy the goal of putting as much money as possible in the pockets of as many people as possible

people are noticeably happier when they have a greater variety of things they can do

unfortunately a major flaw in the wealth generating strategy is that its biggest single wealth-generating product, the car, is causing unnatural death in at least three different ways

it remains to be seen whether this error can be rectified

27th september

in the light of a new understanding major alterations are necessary to explain the global political structure


this web site has been using the word saradin when it should be sanhedrin

sanhedrin is not a russian based organization as was thought up until yesterday but it is in fact a jewish clique

this major misunderstanding has however presented the opportunity to paint a clearer picture…


international politics or those who wish to influence events on a world wide basis can be placed into three categories or groups

this web site will refer to them as 1st party, 2nd party and 3rd party

1st party is the german/japanese strategy

2nd party is a russian controlled network of national oligarchies

3rd party is the sanhedrin clique

17th september

the problem has been, is and always will be...

you can't bring yourselves to talk to the writer openly and the writer can't bring himself to talk to you clandestinely

in an attempt to break this death outcome consequence starting soon the writer will only engage in a conversation with one person at a time

he will ask the person their name

if the person doesn't say their name that will be the end of the conversation

if the person says their the writer will tell them his (john)

the person will then be asked to tell the writer what his name was 2000 years ago

if the person doesn't say it that will be the of the conversation

if the person does say it the writer will ask the person why he is who he is

the person will say... "because in all eternity you never take the life of another person" or something that conveys the same thing

if the person doesn't say it that will be the end of the conversation

if the person does say it we will talk


unnatural deaths have got to stop

16th september

are the british oligarchs reconsidering their position within the eternal scheme of things?


recently the writer has been getting signals that compromise is a real possibility

if so…

on or by the 17th december this year the writer will receive £3650

(oddly enough this is approximately how much debt he has)

compensation for spoilt equipment and will also exchange accommodation with the people living above him

(there will be no need to continue to monitor the writer as we will be working together)

the extra bedroom will enable a regular flow of new guests

everything will be out in the open and everybody will be getting what they want

and perhaps this will encourage russia to follow suit next year

31st august

britain failed to respond in 1994

germany failed to respond in 1999

america failed to respond in 2007

whether russia follows this pattern will  be known next year

the writer draws your attention to the fact that june the 31st 2012 marks the halfway point between generation 2000 and generation 2025

the writer wants you to deduce for yourselves why that date is profoundly significant

1st august

no news is good news

historically august and september are months when major violent upheavals start

if the next two months are free from violent acts

(the fact that suicide bombers are being used to stir thing up means that there are those who either aren't aware of what's happening or...)

that have global implications then, if the writers right, seven months after that real changes will start to happen

25th june

compared to what has happened over the last 10-20 years the last 6 months seems unusually quiet

the writer sincerely hopes that this isn't the calm before the storm because he still prepared to honour the commitments suggested in genetic theory and come the new year we can start to implement them

if a major violent act as violent as the twin towers atrocity or the gulf war has not happened by the end of this year it may well mean that saradin is reconsidering its position within the eternal scheme of things and the writer will visit russia in april next year to find out if this in fact the case

if it is more violence that is being planned by the 2nd and 3rd parties it will be more violent than either the twin towers atrocity or the gulf war

15th june

as you are becoming aware there are those who being of sound mind and a happy disposition chose non existence

it wasn't done out of a malice or hate or a natural impulse of self destruction or for any reason at all

it was a thought that occurred to them and took root in their being

unfortunately in the same way that people in love try to make the person or persons they are in love with enjoy life, which carries the implication of prolonging existence, the same instinct to share their reality applies to those who have bcome death oriented

the characterstic of needing to share is an inherited trait that comes from the lovers compelling love and highlights the overpowerng compulsion that drove him to find a way

(sacrificially-creative love)

to share the heavenly state

the thing both have in common is that they need life to accomplish their aims

however life doesn't need death but death needs life therefore death oriented beings are clearly the ones who are in the wrong

the political task of love/life is to offer death oriented beings the opportunity of achieving their objective whilst allowing love/life to achieve its goal

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