axiom 3


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an axiom


a self-evident truth


example: night and day



axiom 3




we; by growing larger and heavier or smaller and lighter or both


example pregnancy/birth




that which gets larger and lighter or smaller and heavier or both


example: Supernovae


axiom 3 is the tool for alleviating the three naturally occurring painful experiences... baby's first breath, teething and the labour of birth


it has been the dream of generations past that life could be lived without war but the idea of life without pain hasn't been talked about at all


once men have gone through teething they could, theoretically, live the rest of their lives without experiencing pain again


for women, they haven't had time to get over the trauma of menstruation before the thought that the pain of delivery is part of the continuation of life becomes lodged into her psyche


perhaps it is a woman's experiences when becoming a mother, witnessed and understood by the husband, which has produced the outlook that pain is a part of life and we have to resign ourselves to it


women, and men, it is time to tear up your resignation papers


the future is here